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This 5-room BTO flat caters to the family’s every need

Obbio Concept designs a stylish 5-room BTO flat for a family of three, complete with a spacious study, a generous walk-in wardrobe, and more.

Home Type: 5-room HDB BTO flat

Floor Area: 1,100sqft

Text by Janice Seow

At 1,100 square feet, this 5-room BTO flat offers a good amount of space for a couple and their toddler son. What Obbio Concept has deftly done is translate that spacious footprint into a sleek and contemporary home, with designs that address the family’s every need and want.

5-room BTO flat Obbio Concept

Taking into consideration the couple’s preference for darker tones, the designers have incorporated a space enhancing black tinted mirror panel in foyer (which camouflages the DB box), and as a feature wall in the dining area.

5-room BTO flat Obbio Concept

A similarly tinted glass swing door leads into the kitchen. Given that the couple cooks frequently, this space has been left enclosed to contain the fumes. The galley kitchen features marble-patterned backsplash tiles from Hafary. It has ample counter space on the left for food preparation, while the right accommodates the kitchen appliances. The latter also includes a concealed cooker hood (downdraft extractor) from Obro that can remain neatly hidden when not in use.

5-room BTO flat Obbio Concept

Five-room BTO flats come with additional space in the living/dining area that can be converted into a study, and Obbio Concept has done just that. In response to the couple’s need for a multipurpose workspace, the designers have built a study room, complete with a custom L-shaped desk and cabinetry. The semi-glass enclosure also ensures visual connection with the communal zones.

5-room BTO flat Obbio Concept

The family required a good amount of storage space, but these have been largely placed in the bedrooms to maintain a clean and open feel in the communal areas. Even in the private quarters, storage has been cleverly designed to remain unobtrusive.

5-room BTO flat Obbio Concept

For example, the kid’s room features a platform bed with hidden storage beneath. The wall (top left) between this room and the master bedroom has also been replaced with a space efficient divider. This serves as storage shelving here, and the couple’s walk-in wardrobe display in the master bedroom located on the other side.

5-room BTO flat Obbio Concept

Despite some layout constraints, the designers have managed to incorporate a large walk-in wardrobe at the entrance of the master bedroom. It comes with full-height shelves to house the wife’s bag collection. The master bathroom is to the left, and features textured wall tiles from Hafary that bring a sense of rugged beauty to the space. The right leads to the sleeping quarters.

5-room BTO flat Obbio Concept

The resting area exudes an air of cosy comfort, where a wall lined in fabric-look laminate backdrops the bed and lends softness to the space. A storage cabinet also takes the place of the ubiquitous side table, offering yet more storage space to meet the couple’s needs while providing a large surface to display personal items.

5-room BTO flat Obbio Concept

Obbio Concept

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