A tropical rainforest in a corner terrace house

In designing his corner terrace house, a nature lover and interior designer puts a creative spin to the phrase ‘living with nature’.

  • A tropical rainforest in a corner terrace house

Home Type: 3-storey corner terrace

Floor Area: 2,250sqft

Text by Janice Seow

When interior designer Raymond Seow purchased this corner terrace house, he saw the opportunity to push the envelope in his interpretation of ‘living with nature’.

nature inspired corner terrace house

“Since this is a home for my own family, I decided that it was a good chance to experiment with different materials and their applications,” says Raymond. As a nature lover, the founder of interior design firm Free Space Intent wanted to find novel ways of bringing greenery into the home and dissolving the line between the indoors and out. At the same time, the spaces needed to feel cosy and inviting.

nature inspired corner terrace house

The three-storey corner terrace house was 26 years old and in its original condition, and so the designer decided that the entire space had to be redone with new fittings and tile work. The existing staircase though, was kept and repainted.

nature inspired corner terrace house

Free Space Intent is known for their colourful and avant-garde interiors, and Raymond’s family home bears the same signature where nature-inspired spaces are given a colourful spin.

nature inspired bedroom

 “We chose to use a lot of natural looking elements, such as rustic wood-look laminates, pebble washed features and cement screed walls. We also built a tropical forest-like landscape between the living and dining area,” says the designer. Colourful furnishings and sculptural pendant lamps bring vibrancy and a sense of playfulness into the space, while colour changing lights enable the family to set different atmospheres and moods in the home.

nature inspired dining room

The theme of nature continues with furniture and structures bearing organic curves. The family can enjoy their version of a lush tropical rainforest when they gather at the 8-feet-long rain tree dining table situated in the open plan common space on ground level, with colourful pendant lamps coming down like drops of water from above.

Free Space Intent

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nature inspired corner terrace house
nature inspired corner terrace house
nature inspired dining area
kitchen with granite top
nature inspired bedroom
nature inspired bedroom


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