3 gorgeous Scandinavian collections for the great outdoors

Not just something to be enjoyed indoors, Scandinavian designs can be appreciated outdoors as well with these gorgeous picks from &Tradition, available at CULT Design.

  • 3 gorgeous Scandinavian collections for the great outdoors

Top image: Ville Outdoor Series
Text by Yen Kien Hang

The outdoors is now often seen as an extension of one’s living space and much attention is paid to making it as beautiful and comfortable as what you would find in a home setting.

Case in point, these elegant and timeless creations by Anderssen & Voll and Space Copenhagen for &Tradition (and available at CULT Design) embody everything we love about Scandinavian design and tell the stories of tomorrow’s classics.

#1 Thorvald Series 

&Tradition outdoor

Designed by: Space Copenhagen

Named after Denmark’s most esteemed neoclassical sculptor and medalist Bertel Thorvaldsen (1797–1838), this collection is a modern take on the lyrical lines of the artist’s work and the mesmerising motifs of his eponymous museum. Hence, the collection of stackable lounge chairs, tables and stools will set the scene for outdoor living that’s vibrant, versatile and elegant. 

&Tradition outdoor collection

Much like Thorvaldsen’s sculpted silhouettes, the design also interplays with light and shadow, providing a romantic imagery ideal for any city in the world. The structure is made of solid steel, offering great support for all kinds of activities, be it a party or solo time lounging under the open sky. “Physically and mentally, we’ve really felt that this collection was our little way into the more dreamy and more intuitive ways of approaching outdoors and bringing it into our modern lives,” say the designers.

#2 Ville Outdoor Series 

Designed by: Anderssen & Voll

While Space Copenhagen’s Thorvald Series plays with classic and modern form, Oslo-based Anderssen & Voll combines solidity and softness to celebrate nature and materiality in this Ville outdoor collection. Likened to a ‘firm, warm handshake’, teak was chosen for the Ville armchairs for its welcoming touch, and the polyester webbing for its comfort and ability to adapt to body temperature, especially during the winter months. 

&Tradition outdoor collection

“Inspiration can be hard to trace,” says the design studio, reflecting on their time creating the new Ville outdoor collection for &Tradition. “The basic initial parameters were actually derived from the principle of vertical stacking – a straight up and down base with a quite open seat sitting on top.” The Ville collection was then developed into an armchair, a bench and a table. The armchair can be stacked in multiples of up to eight pieces.

#3 Como SC53 Portable Table Lamp


Designed by: Space Copenhagen

Portable lamps have come a long way since their early days as plastic luminaires with short illumination time. These days, not only are these lamps capable of being transported in and out of one’s home – thanks to their robust materials – but they can also adapt to most interior design styles and settings, hence offering more freedom and endless possibilities in your search for the perfect mood lighting. 

Case in point, the Como is a battery-powered lamp that can operate for nine hours at the highest setting, with an extra battery option that allows additional operating. It can be easily recharged with a USB cable or a charging tray. Crafted from anodised aluminium, Como’s sturdy base tapers up towards a soft curved, mushroom-shaped shade and houses a diffused light that will emit downwards and to the sides. The lamp intensity can also be adjusted with its built-in three light levels.

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