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White and wood reign supreme in this airy bungalow

Clean, pristine and enviably spacious, this 5-bedroom bungalow transports you to a different time.

Home Type: 5-bedroom bungalow

Floor Area: 7,260 sqft

Not many Singaporeans can afford to live in a luxurious bungalow space. In a country where land is scarce, it’s understandably expensive for us to own land to build a sprawling house. The lucky owners of this two-storey, 5-bedroom bungalow at Cable Road wanted their home to take full advantage of its spatial advantages and inherent design elements.


With its naturally high ceilings, wall-to-wall windows and generous floor space, this house is a joy to walk through and live in. The design team from Third Avenue Studio was roped in to give this home that extra ‘oomph’ that would make an even stronger impression. The first order of the day was to dress the house in pristine white, accented by natural wood tones found on the flooring and furniture pieces.

It’s a decidedly classy look. Furnishing, fixtures and the rest of the built-in carpentry were all specially chosen to complement the home.


The biggest change here took place in the cooking spaces. Because the homeowners are ardent home chefs, the the Third Avenue Studio design team wanted to craft out a space that will actually make sense to its owners. The original kitchen was completely gutted out – the walls were knocked down, floors were hacked away and all existing cabinetry was torn down. They also extended the kitchen by merging it with the service yard. With its newly expanded floor size, the kitchen can now be separated into a wet and dry kitchen, in line with the homeowners’ request.


Another highlight in this home is the sliding door that was customised for the shelving system in the dining area. Made from laminate timber strips, this 3-metre high door acts as the backdrop that flanks the dining setting. Two panels rest on sliding tracks and can be moved and adjusted to hide or reveal the ceiling-high bookshelves.



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