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5 ways to create more storage space in your home

Yes, we all need more of them and these ingenious ideas will make the most of every available space.

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

#1 Make use of under bed storage

Custom bedframe with storage space beneath designed by Third Avenue Studio - Floraview project

A bed dominates the bedroom with the space beneath goes unused. So why not build a custom bed frame to maximise the floor space and create extra storage space like this home designed by Third Avenue Studio. Pull-out drawers flank the base and instead of having a bedside table which takes up space, the designers carved out a handy niche at the side of the headboard for charging of mobile devices.
Design by Third Avenue Studio

#2 Turn a regular door into a door with shelves

secret door with shelves create extra storage space designed by IN-EXPAT in a Singapore condominium unit

A bedroom door establishes much needed privacy but take up valuable space. Take a cue from IN-EXPAT and convert an internal door in your home into a secret door within a custom built shelving unit. Your home will look a lot bigger with storage space to boot.
Design by IN-EXPAT

#3 Add shelves close to the ceiling

409sqft studio apartment in sao paulo, brazil designed by Estudio BRA with plenty of storage space

Make full use of vertical space like how this 409sqft apartment in Brazil did. Throughout the perimeter of the communal spaces – from the kitchen to the living room – niched shelves run near the ceiling. This is a clever way to add additional storage and display space without actually taking up any room or weighing down the interiors.
Design by Estúdio BRA

#4 Use stairs as hidden storage space


Stairs as storage space designed by Metre Architects and Nest Spatial Design

The tiny space beneath each step of a staircase is great as additional storage space for books, shoes, batteries or whatever items you wish to keep in there. Nest Spatial Design has successfully incorporated this ingenious idea within a somewhat traditional staircase design, while Metre Architects adopted it into a raised platform design.
Design by Metre Architects (left) and Nest Spatial Design (right)

#5 Integrate a wine chiller within the kitchen island

integrated wine chiller within the kitchen island create extra storage space in a condo designed by Free Space Intent

The kitchen island is not just for prepping food or simply one more space to gather around. Free Space Intent reimagined the kitchen island to integrate a wine chiller into its side, making it the perfect spot for social evening gatherings.
Design by Free Space Intent

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