Woody and masculine condo for two

The designers from IN-EXPAT conceptualised a sleek yet warm contemporary style that plays up the scenic views of this high-level unit.

  • Woody and masculine condo for two

  • Woody and masculine condo for two

  • Woody and masculine condo for two

  • Woody and masculine condo for two

  • Woody and masculine condo for two

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 957 sqft

Text by Disa Tan

Dark, woody accents take over this condominium unit for two. The homeowners are a young couple who have a strong preference for woody textures. To meet their design specifications, designers Kate Tan and Bertrand Koh from IN-EXPAT used well-paired laminates in different grainy finishes.

IN-EXPAT moody & masculine condo kitchen and dining area

Privy to a spectacular high floor view, the 10-seater dining set faces the full-height windows. While it was originally intended as the living area, the designers have turned this space into the dining zone instead. To better complement the timber flooring, they designed a dropped ceiling feature made of timber-grain panels. These matching wood accents on both ceiling and floor anchor the dining area and serve as a visual demarcation from the other common areas.

IN-EXPAT moody & masculine condo kitchen design

To better showcase the kitchen’s decorative, Spanish-style floor tiles, glass partitions enclose the space. These transparent panels line the industrial-grade countertops, and work great in enhancing the sense of light and space. With its mild steel powder-coated frame of dark outlines, the semi-open kitchen is stunning both inside and out.

IN-EXPAT moody & masculine condo master bedroom design

For the master bedroom, the designers decided to work with the height of the existing bay window by raising the platform to its level. “The intention was to have the steps lead up to an elevated area that would have the bedroom overlooking the amazing scenery outside,” they explain. “We also cladded the ceiling with a similar woodgrain laminate finish to the steps and this creates an enclave within the bedroom.”

IN-EXPAT moody & masculine condo master bedroom and bathroom design

With the unit situated on the 68th floor, having the washbasin front the windows enhances the everyday experience of washing up. The counter is mounted onto the bay window and by keeping this feature off the ground, a lightweight, ‘floating’ effect is achieved.

IN-EXPAT moody & masculine condo study and non-descript bookshelf

One of the design highlights of this home is without a doubt, the secret entrance to a cosy chill-out nook. It all starts from the study room with a nondescript-looking bookshelf. The designers reveal: “We sealed up the original entrance of the other room and the only way in is through the secret door concealed within this shelving.” This hidden room is now converted into a TV and games room, which interestingly enough, sports an all-white interior that contrasts dramatically with the rest of the home.


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