9 Vertical Wall Storage Ideas For Your Home

Here are some ideas to convert your walls into usable storage space and at the same time, give your home a boost in the style stakes

9 Vertical Wall Storage Ideas For Your Home

Short on floor space? That’s one of the main gripes most HDB owners (and even some condo dwellers) have. What most of us tend to overlook is that our walls also hold valuable real estate that we can take advantage of. Here are some ideas to convert your walls into usable storage space and at the same time, give your home a boost in the style stakes. By Disa Tan

1. Warehouse Chic


If you’re game for something fun, don’t box up your custom-built storage in the usual floor-to-ceiling format.¬†Fans of the industrial-inspired look will love this treatment of wall-mounted cabinetry, designed to resemble a bunch of haphazardly stacked wooden crates. Definitely a conversation starter in the living room. Design by De Style Interior

2. Storey Books

The-Carpenters_Vertical-Storage This flight of stairs just makes rolling library ladders seem so yesterday. Constructed out of wood and steel, it not only takes its owners to their favourite reads, but also functions as a quiet reading nook. This home has a double-volume height, and the designers cleverly made full use of the space: multi-level bookshelves, integrated stairs and a low-hanging chandelier all come together to emphasise the height of this home. Design by The Carpenter’s

3. Frosted Contents

Artistroom_Vertical-Storage Open shelving gives you easy access to your stuff while closed storage is good for concealing clutter. Both have their advantages, but a good in-between option would be frosted glass cabinet doors; they hide most of the mess but still offer a decent overview of the contents without requiring you to open the cabinet. Design by Artistroom

4. At Your Service

Mint-&-Pistachio_Vertical-Storage This hardworking storage system is a coat hanger, bag rack, shoe cabinet and a seat, all rolled into one. The pastel green pegboards are a nifty addition that lets you customise the space arrangement for storing different articles, from handbags to keys, to umbrellas and slip-ons. In this home, the storage system doubles as a visual divider that blocks the view from the main entrance into the living room. Design by Mint & Pistachio Home

5. On The Grid

Linear-Space_Vertical-Storage No more room on the fridge door for your postcards and travel magnets? Put up a metal rack on the wall to create your own wall art corner. Bonus points if it matches your overall kitchen decor. Design by Linear Space Concepts

6. Cinderella’s Dream

Luxur_Vertical-Storage Create an altar for your precious footwear collection with this light-up showcase. It’s enclosed by glass sliding doors, so looking for a particular pair is a breeze. At the same time, your beloved collection is protected from humidity, dust and stray fur from your pets. Design by Luxur ID

7. Sliding Shoes

Home-Journal_Vertical-Storage Did you go a little crazy at the last shoe sale? Here’s a smart solution for your shoe storage woes. Try asking your contractors to come up with narrow but deep shelves with pull-out drawers. Locating your shoes will be a breeze and imagine the amount of space you can save! Design by Home Journal

8. Shelf Life

Artistroom_Vertical-Storage2 Modular shelving systems like the String system are great for customising your storage and space needs. Whatever the size of your blank wall, you’ll be able to customise the height and width of the shelves, creating your own feature wall where the items on display are the stars of the design. Design by Artistroom

9. Tall Order

Architology_SunriseTerrace4   Floor-to-ceiling storage works best at maximising the full height of your home. It can be more than just a utilitarian storage solution though. In this home, the storage wall makes a grand statement as a divider that separates the study from the kitchen. The asymmetrical cubby holes create visual interest and offer plenty of space for books and office supplies. Living Canvas by Architology


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