Perfect views

Boasting sweeping scenery of Singapore’s bayfront, this holiday home by Third Avenue Studio has a fittingly sleek and minimalist style to complement its incredible million-dollar view.

  • Perfect views

Text by Olha Romaniuk

Project type: 3-bedroom condominium unit
Floor area: 1,500sqft

The main crux of the brief involved keeping the window views of the unit unblocked, to allow the owners to enjoy all the sights of Marina Bay from their high-rise apartment. Responding to it, Third Avenue Studio approached the project with minimalism in mind. The living room is simply but elegantly furnished and features soft and neutral colours.

All eyes go to the elegant marble accents in this neutral coloured space. Designer Edwin Pang says: “We kept the material palette refreshingly simple with a small range of materials that have been applied throughout the unit.” By having everything within the same tonal scheme, highlighted furniture pieces and features stand out even more.

As the client does not cook much, the designers have kept the kitchen simple and incorporated only the basic essentials. Keeping the area open, the island counter is the pièce de résistance of the kitchen, especially with its marble waterfall countertop feature. A similar slab of marble is used to box up and hide the column adjacent to it.

Distinctive furniture pieces grace the apartment and complement the elegantly designed communal space. The dining table sports an interesting base in the shape of a teardrop which makes a statement in the brightly lit dining area.

Plush textures and soft hues draw out a calm and relaxed ambience for the master bedroom. The designers have inserted a ribbed panel headboard to bring greater dimension to the space, while concealing the doorway to the master bathroom at the back with a symmetrical design of laminate coverings.

Serving as a feature wall on one side and storage on the other, this two-sided divider grants privacy and practicality for the occupants using the master bedroom. It expands the functionality of the wardrobe with its additional storage compartments and also has plenty of tabletop space to work as a vanity.

In the master bathroom, the homeowners’ wish for luxurious double sinks has been fulfilled with a beautiful marble- topped vanity design. Brass finishes were also added to the material mix to raise the level of luxury in this shared space.

Third Avenue Studio

Featured in Lookbox Annual 2023


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