Tired of White? 10 Ways to Add Colour to Your Home

Here are 10 gorgeous homes that can teach us a thing or two about adding pops of fab colours into the interiors

Tired of White? 10 Ways to Add Colour to Your Home

Neutrals are nice, but a hint of colour is a fun way to inject your personality into your space. We’re used to having all-white walls and floors in our homes, so it’s time to break out of the habit and try something different. You’ll realise that adding colour to your home doesn’t have to be daunting, expensive or permanent for that matter. Start small (use colourful fabrics, lights ornaments) or go all out (swathe your walls with your favourite colours) – just be open to new looks and ideas. Here are 10 gorgeous homes that can teach us a thing or two about adding pops of fab colours into the interiors. By Annabelle Gah.

1. Colourful Carpentry

Third-Avenue-Studio_Esparina-02 - colour

A simple addition of a quirky chest of mismatched drawers adds instant interest and character to this mostly neutral space. The strategic flashes of reds and oranges are just the right amount of colour that won’t overwhelm the space. We also love how the colours match the warm wood tones!
Designed by Third Avenue Studio

2. On Display

add colour to bedroom

Open shelves not only save you some money on your carpentry work, they also allow great flexibility in augmenting the feel and colour scheme of your home. Think of it as your very own gallery, where you can mix and match colours, shapes and sizes with a variety of effects. Displaying your favourite collection of pottery or candles is an easy way to bring in some colours. For a clean minimal look, stick to a few matching pieces lined in a row. If you love something a little more eclectic and “lived-in”, stack different coloured and sized crockery and books.
Designed by The Interior Place

3. Lights Will Lead You Home

lighting colour

Looking to be bold? Ambient blue lights add a cool and modern feel to this innovatively designed home. The owners of this lounge-inspired home can easily change up the colours of the tube lights in the coves around the floor and ceiling to achieve different looks. Imagine how mysterious this space can look with purple lights.
Designed by The Interior Place

4. Feisty Fabrics
living room colour scheme

This may be the simplest way to introduce colour into your home without making any permanent commitments. All you need to do is to introduce a palette of colours with your soft furnishing. It’s a quick and simple addition that can make a huge difference with minimal effort. In this living room, a bright and contrasting collection of throw pillows brings texture and vibrancy. The green rug beneath the coffee table also adds zest to the space.
Designed by Ciseern

5. Big and Bold

Design-Intervention_EastCoast-02 - bold colour

This ultra-luxe bedroom is already living large with its bold use of colour. It might be a little over-the-top for some of us, but there are some ideas you can easily apply to your own home. The yellow-green couch for example, is a great way to add a pop of colour. We love how it brings a fresh and youthful update without overwhelming the room or distracting from the theme.
Designed by Design Intervention

6. Artistic Impressions

add colour through art

An all-white home would make the perfect canvas for some bold and larger-than-life art pieces. This home takes its cue from art galleries, with its blank stretches of walls broken by beautiful pieces of art. If you’re looking to do the same with your home, pick art with colours that complement and enhance your interior design. Try to get paintings that have a similar look and at lease one common anchor colour.
Designed by ID Emboss

7. Dream in Colour

Unimax_Radiance_01 - bedroom colour scheme

Change the look and feel of your bedroom with some bold, standout sheets. It’s an inexpensive way to experiment with different patterns and materials in a private space which few people get to see. What’s more, you may start looking forward to eight hours of quality shut-eye!
Designed by Unimax Creative

8. Fun Fixtures

colour on fixtures

Okay, we admit that sometimes, form matters a little more than function. Just look at how cool these hanging glass ornaments are. Unleash your creativity and experiment with colourful fixtures to add excitement and a touch of modernity to your home.
Designed by The Interior Place

9. Bloom and Grow

add colour with plants

A dark and masculine space can be softened up with a tasteful selection of Mother Nature’s offerings. Soothing green leaves and contrasting flowers displayed in a vase can breathe new life into a space, quite literally. The best part is that floral arrangements and plants are relatively inexpensive and different varieties are available for different looks, all year round.
Designed by Renozone

10. Electric Colour

add colour with kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances in bold and unique colours are a fun way to brighten up your home. The orange fridge in this kitchen is certainly a conversation-starter. We’ve seen colourful kitchen appliances from toasters to cake mixers and electric kettles, gracing the shelves of electronic stores in recent years. Why not invest in a statement piece or two.
Designed by Three-D Conceptwerke

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