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Home decor ideas: 10 low-cost ways to upgrade your space

Giving your home a makeover need not be a costly and daunting affair. These simple yet effective tricks need no renovation and can be done in one weekend.

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

#1 Inject some colour
low cost home decor ideas - inject colour design Sazeli Jalal

There’s no time like the present to express your personality with statement making shades. Paint your wall a new colour or add patterns to them with wallcovering. For an understated drama, special effects paint is a great option as it adds texture to the wall. But if this seems like a big commitment to make, try introducing colour in your space through furniture, home decor and soft furnishings.
Design by Sazeli Jalal

#2 Bring the outdoors in
low cost home decor ideas - add plants design by nitton architects

It’s safe to say that having plants in your home is one of cheapest yet most effective way to transform any space. Unlike home furnishings, you don’t have to worry about whether they match or not. Popular houseplants include pothos, sansiviera, fern, fiddle leaf fig, rubber plant and peace lily. Not only do they beautify your home, they’re natural air purifiers too. Create a garden wall in your balcony, hang them up on the ceiling, put them on shelves or simply place them anywhere you like; you can’t go wrong even if you try.
Design by nitton architects
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#3 Rearrange your furniture
low cost home decor ideas - rearrange furniture design by UPSTAIRS_

This is a no-brainer and costs absolutely nothing. To avoid getting bored of your home, switch things up every now and then. You’ll be surprised at how repositioning your furniture can dramatically alter the look and feel of a space. Realign your bed, swap pieces from different rooms, or peel your sofa and chairs away from the walls and have them positioned close together to form a clearly defined zone. Experiment with various configurations and find what works for you and your family.
Design by UPSTAIRS_
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#4 Upgrade your furniture
low cost home decor ideas - upgrade your furniture design by Aiden T

No, we don’t mean buying new furniture. But rather, make the worn out ones new again. Lightly sand your wood furniture and paint it in your desired colour; this a smart way to use up that can of leftover paint. The same can be done for metal furniture, like the legs of a chair, with just two to three coats of spray paint. Also, reupholstering your sofa, chair or lounge in modern fabrics or leather is just as effective.
Design by Aiden T
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#5 Put a rug on it
low cost home decor ideas - put a rug design by Hao Design

If your home adopts an open-plan layout, laying a rug on the floor not only anchors a space, it protects the floor too, especially if you have wood flooring. Moreover, it enhances your home decor, adds colour to the space and makes it space feel a lot more inviting. With proper care and maintenance, your rug should last you a decade or more.
Design by HAO Design
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#6 Swap out your throw pillows
low cost home decor ideas - upgrade throw pillows design by StyledbyPT

Changing the covers of your throw pillows according to season, occasion or mood is a quick way to enliven your living space. But if your throw pillows don’t hold their shape anymore, it’s time to get new ones. Use this opportunity to shop for new shapes, sizes, patterns and textures for added diversity.
Design by Styledbypt
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#7 Buy multi-functional pieces
low cost home decor ideas - multifunctional furniture design by INHERESSENCE DESIGN STUDIO

Most Singaporeans understand the struggle of living in a small home, hence, the need for multi-functional pieces. Thankfully, there are more than enough choices available on the market without compromising on aesthetics and quality. Who says furniture and home decor only need to serve one purpose.
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#8 Update old fixtures
low cost home decor ideas - upgrade fixtures design by The Scientist

If you’ve lived in your home for over five years and are still using the fixtures your developer provided, now is the best time to change them. Give your bathroom a modern look by updating your fixtures with black or gold finish ones. You could even change out your kitchen cabinet handles and drawer pulls on your furniture. This way you get a brand new look without any renovation. Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to keep up with trends.
Design by The Scientist
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#9 Up your lighting game
low cost home decor ideas - upgrade lighting design by Design Intervention

It’s true that lighting makes or breaks an interior. No matter how good your interior looks, bad lighting won’t be able to highlight it. While ceiling lights are great at illuminating a space, it’s good to layer them with pendants, chandeliers, wall sconces as well as floor and table lamps Also, warm white lighting is better than bright white lighting, unless you’re working at your desk or chopping up vegetables on the kitchen counter.
Design by Design Intervention

#10 Showcase your hobby
low cost home decor ideas - showcase hobby design by Tsai Design

Whether it be cycling or collecting action figurines, dedicate a space in your home for your passion; don’t scatter your treasured possessions all around the house. Turn them into your home decor by displaying them. As organising expert Marie Kondo says, “Make sure you’re able to see and cherish the items that spark joy to you.”
Design by Tsai Design
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