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Established: 2011

Profile image, from left: Bertrand Koh, CFO; Dennis Cheok, Creative Director; Eric Lee, CEO
Location: IN-EXPAT carpentry workshop. The UPSTAIRS_ design team maintains a close working relationship with IN-EXPAT, their partnered carpentry workshop. Says Dennis of the workshop that’s located just below the studio: “It is where concepts can be realised, from ideas to forms.”

Design philosophy:
To not focus on “styles”, but rather conceptual groundings of the homeowner’s personality – each an essence of its own.

Design approach:
We love to explore a diverse palette of materials; we are all about experimentation.

Greatest enjoyment as a designer:
Trying to make sense of people’s lifestyles and preferences,
and translating that into something tangible.

“In interior design, part of where the magic happens is when the essence of an individual is captured and translated into a physical dimension.” – Dennis Cheok, Creative Director

hello@inexpat.com.sg / studio@upstairs.sg / (65) 6299 0650 / www.inexpat.com.sg / www.upstairs.sg. / 8 Changi South Street 1 
Singapore 486790

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