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Established: 2011


Profile image: Dennis Cheok, Creative Director; Eric Lee, CEO; Bertrand Koh, CFO
Location: IN-EXPAT X UPSTAIRS_ office rooftop. “Over the past years, we’ve had multiple opportunities to shoot at various locations within our workspace – a place that we have built with our own hands, and with so much meaning to us,” says Dennis Cheok. “This time around, we’ve chosen to stand on our very own rooftop, overlooking the neighbouring skyline, and the distant horizon."

What is your company’s background?
IN-EXPAT was established in 2008, whilst UPSTAIRS_ started out in 2011; both autonomously, with each firm honing their own specialised skill sets prior to the collaboration since March 2016. Design studio UPSTAIRS_ handles the majority of the spatial planning of both architectural and interior design. Meanwhile, IN-EXPAT takes care of the building and construction aspects of the company.

What makes your firm and its work unique?
IN-EXPAT X UPSTAIRS_ is a collaborative spatial design practice, which focuses on conceptual ideation, collaborative processes and hands-on material exploration. The firm’s output often shifts and diversifies between the interstices of space, object, brand and print.

Fortified with a full-fledged in-house workshop, and a closely-knit team of experienced carpenters, metal smiths, spraypainters and other specialised craftsmen, our design has become more focused on the “making” and hands-on experimentation than ever before.

We’ve recently acquired new software and equipment, including a CNC milling machine, for this very purpose – to enable us to create at an even higher level of precision, sophistication and efficiency.

What constitutes a purposeful space?
At the very core, we want to create spaces that are not only thoughtful, meaningful and relevant, but also beautifully detailed and crafted.

IN-EXPAT x UPSTAIRS_ logo, / (65) 6299 0650 / / / 8 Changi South Street 1, 
Singapore 486790

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