4 great air purifiers for cleaner, purer air at home

Stay one step ahead of haze, air pollution, and allergens.

  • 4 great air purifiers for cleaner, purer air at home

  • 4 great air purifiers for cleaner, purer air at home

  • 4 great air purifiers for cleaner, purer air at home

  • 4 great air purifiers for cleaner, purer air at home

The ugly truth – the air in our homes is polluted. Apart from haze and general air pollution one experiences outside the house, it’s important to know that the air in our home isn’t the purest. Everything from dust, fumes from household cleaning products, pet dander, tobacco smoke, combustion fumes from stoves/water heaters, mold and whatnot contribute to indoor air pollution.

These pollutants can cause a lot of problems including asthma, irritation of eyes & nose, headaches, throat pain, fatigue and dizziness. To reduce air pollution, consider regular deep cleaning, ventilating the space and switching to less harmful products. One of the more efficient and easier ways of beat indoor air pollution would be to invest in an air purifier.

These four air purifiers are big on our radar this month.

#1 Dyson Pure Cool

This Dyson creation purifies the air at home and has an LCD display that reports the pollutants in real time. It features a 360-degree fully-sealed filter system combining an activated carbon filter to remove gases, and a glass HEPA filter to capture microscopic allergens and pollutants. Available in large tower format for the floor, and a small desk format for worktops.

#2 Lema Air Cleaning System

This isn’t a single appliance but a system for a specific and often ignored hotspot of indoor air pollution – the wardrobe. The Lema Air Cleaning Systems purifies the inside of the wardrobe and eliminates bad odours from stored clothes, bags and shoes. It does this by using nanotechnology and a special UV lamp to generate a photochemical reaction that naturally destroys pollutants, bacteria, and mold.

#3 LG Signature Air Purifier

This award-winning air purifier works on a watering system. It rotates at high speed spraying 18 litres of water in an hour to infuse the air with moisture. The LG air purifier disperses atomized water to create a comfortable humidity level and cleans the air. It shows you the air quality using lights as well as detects the amount of particles. It’s smart too – you can check the indoor and outdoor air condition it detects on your smartphone.

#4 Hitachi EP-NZG70J Air Purifier

This champagne-hued air purifier is fitted with an allergen-free HEPA filter to catch minute particles from the air. This Hitachi air purifier also suppresses air bourne viruses and bacteria. Its large intake area allows for faster collection and purification of air. Fitted with odor and dust sensors, it also operates with low noise.


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