5 unusual multifunctional furniture you never thought existed

Maximise your living space with these furniture pieces that serve more than just one function.

5 unusual multifunctional furniture you never thought existed

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Multifunctional furniture is the hero of small space living. With living spaces getting smaller and smaller in big, modern cities like Singapore, furniture designers and manufacturers have been coming up with creative ideas to solve space issues without compromising on aesthetics and quality. So if you live in a shoebox apartment, read on; this is for you.

#1 Kuhl Home SM101 multifunctional dining table

SM101 multifunctional dining table from KUHL Home

There is more to the SM101 dining table than meets the eye. What looks like a three-seater can easily be extended to a six-seater. It also features a reversible dining top that can be used to hold pots and pans. Underneath has more to offer – drawers with wire shelves can hold everything from cutlery to plates and bowls. There’s more to it – this table moves. So get creative. After a heartfelt dinner, simply wheel it to the living space to play a fun game of Scrabble or Monopoly with the family.
Available at Kuhl Home


#2 B&B Italia Area by Paolo Piva

Area by Paolo Piva for B&B Italia from Space Furniture multifunctional furniture

Area by Paolo Piva for B&B Italia is a nifty furniture. It’s geometric silhouette makes room for extra seating by ways of an ottoman. While its glossy finish bounces the light, its low height keeps it from being visually obstructive. Almost like a puzzle, the entire set serves multiple purposes where the ottoman doubles as a side table (using a tray top), a place to rest your legs and as extra seating.
Available at Space Furniture


#3 Kartell I-table

Kartell I-Table designed by Piero Lissoni serves as multifunctional furniture

Is it a table or a cooktop? Well, it’s both! This innovative multi-living and smart table idea conceived by Piero Lissoni for Kartell explores new ways of living and sharing spaces. When not plugged in to a power source, the I-table can be used as a dining table or a work desk. When you do get hungry, simply put your papers and laptop aside, and whip something up to eat on the table itself, which has an integrated induction cooktop. How convenient!
Available at Lifestorey


#4 Blå Station Jack

Jack from Blå Station multifunctional furniture

We have a lot of gadgets and are almost always falling short of electrical points in a small home; but not when you have Jack. Designed by Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstrand for Blå Station, Jack is a large spike strip that is disguised as a table. Once connected to a power outlet, Jack’s multiple sockets let you charge multiple devices simultaneously, ergo reducing wire clutter while multi-tasking like a pro. It also functions as a side table that can hold your coffee cup and more.
Available at Blå Station


#5 LEMA Air Cleaning System

LEMA air cleaning system installed in LEMA wardrobe makes the latter into a multifunctional wardrobe

Though not technically a furniture piece, the patented Air Cleaning System installed in the Armadio al Centimetro wardrobe from LEMA makes the latter into an impressive furniture that not only stores clothes, shoes and other objects beautifully, it sanitises them as well. The system uses nanotechnology and a special UV lamp to generate a photochemical reaction that naturally destroys pollutants, bacteria and mold, purifying the inside of the wardrobe and eliminating more than 90% of bad odours emanating from the stored contents. Now there’s no need to put mothballs in your wardrobe.
Available at W. Atelier

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