12 cool and creative kids’ bedrooms you wish you had

These stylish rooms strike a perfect balance between childlike imagination and adult practicality.

  • 12 cool and creative kids’ bedrooms you wish you had

  • 12 cool and creative kids’ bedrooms you wish you had

  • 12 cool and creative kids’ bedrooms you wish you had

  • 12 cool and creative kids’ bedrooms you wish you had

  • 12 cool and creative kids’ bedrooms you wish you had

  • 12 cool and creative kids’ bedrooms you wish you had

  • 12 cool and creative kids’ bedrooms you wish you had

  • 12 cool and creative kids’ bedrooms you wish you had

  • 12 cool and creative kids’ bedrooms you wish you had

  • 12 cool and creative kids’ bedrooms you wish you had

  • 12 cool and creative kids’ bedrooms you wish you had

  • 12 cool and creative kids’ bedrooms you wish you had

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

A kid’s bedroom is the perfect place for a child to express oneself. It is also used for sleeping, playing and studying. And regardless of how tiny or spacious it is, it’s still possible to cater to a child’s needs and whims. These 12 stylish kids’ bedrooms are proof of that.

#1 Pretty in pink
kid's bedroom design by SLOWHOUSE Interior Design

This dreamy bedroom is the perfect spot for SLOWHOUSE founder, Bella Koh’s daughter to chill, play, sleep and learn. Albeit minimal in furnishing, it caters to the little girl’s needs with plenty of room for her to run around. The lack of built-ins is intentional given that it’s a rental apartment. Plus, it allows the space to be easily reconfigured according to mood or occasion.
Design by SLOWHOUSE Interior Design. See full home feature here.

#2 Wonder wood
kid's bedroom design by Affordable Style Files

It’s hard-pressed not to find lots of toys and books in a kid’s bedroom. But finding space to keep them neat and tidy is a challenge. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case here with detailed panels that flip up to reveal cubbyholes in which toys are kept away when not in play, and slide out to become a desk. The only items on show are cute and vibrant artworks on the wall to add interest and colour to the room.
Design by WAFF. Get the latest issue of Lookbox Living at Kinokuniya and petrol stations to see the full home feature.

#3 Arctic expedition
kid's bedroom design by DSOD Interior

Themed rooms are great for a kid’s bedroom and this one is inspired by wildlife in the north pole, as depicted on the wall mural. Bunk beds have been custom designed with stairs on one end and a slide on the other. Getting up in the morning is a fun experience for the little one sleeping on the top as he can slide his way down safely as any impact will be cushioned by the padded wall.
Design by DSOD Interior. See full home feature here.

#4 Starry, starry night
kid's bedroom design by Saransh

It’s never too early to get your kids into the study of sciences with an astronomy-themed room. While ceiling decals are great, the design team up the ante here with wallpaper and lighting on the ceiling to recreate a starry night. The twinkling dots of constellations scatter across the wardrobe, while laser-cut moon phases make up the headboard.
Design by Saransh

#5 Mini house
kid's bedroom design by HAO Design

Pitched roofs are commonplace in children’s depiction of a house. And this Beijing residence features a unique slanted ceiling that lends an increased feeling of space in the young boy’s bedroom. Vivid colours abound in this space to encourage creativity and a tented hideout, replete with ‘window’ alludes to the child’s very own mini house.
Design by HAO Design. See full home feature here.

#6 Japanese allure
kid's bedroom design by Chark Private Limited

During the day, this natural grass tatami mat room serves as a play area for the homeowner’s two young daughters. The moveable slide-and-fold doors are packed to the side so the parents can keep and eye on them, and its floors elevated with space beneath dedicated to storage. So when night falls, it can easily convert into a sleeping area when the doors are closed. Futons can simply be placed atop the tatami mats for a comfortable slumber.
Design by Chark Private Limited. See full home feature here.

#7 High style
kid's bedroom design by Frederick Tang Architecture

Despite a mostly black and white colour palette, this boy’s bedroom is anything but boring. In fact, it’s super stylish with Vitsoe shelving and Jean Prouve chair. Usually associated with a more grown-up aesthetic, the designer managed to make these classic furnishings work in a kid’s bedroom by pairing them with graphic wallpaper and movable storage bins in bright yellow. Of course, the toys, children’s books and adorable artwork help tie the look together.
Design by Frederick Tang Architecture. Photography by Gieves Anderson.

#8 Supersized cot
kid's bedroom design by UPSTAIRS_

A three-year-old boy’s bedroom has been made into a grown-up version of his nappy days. Instead of a baby cot, he now gets a big boy bed clad in timber plywood and veneer that still takes the shape of a crib. White, timber dowel fencing forms removable ‘gates’ for the giant crib, ensuring enhanced safety. A ledge with drawers stretches across the windows, functioning as a display, storage and desk.
Design by UPSTAIRS_ This project won Home of the Year at Lookbox Design Awards 2019. See full home feature here.

#9 Fairytale wonderland
kid's bedroom design by Affordable Style Files

Interior stylist and founder of Affordable Style Files, Hong Henwood, embraced whimsical motifs in her daughter, Miya’s bedroom. Rabbits, squirrels and other woodland creatures on the wallpaper add to the magical vibe of this bedroom. Instead of applying wallpaper to the entire wall, which would have overwhelmed this space, Hong used it on the lower half and attached a chair rail just above it. Running across all the walls in this room, the chair rail is painted in gold to complete the royal look of this room. There’s even a tiny door to a magical wonderland in the room if you could spot it.
Design by Affordable Style Files. See full home feature here.

#10 Baby blues
kid's bedroom design by MONOCOT

This is how every kid’s bedroom should be. Whimsical yet functional, the master bedroom and en suite have been converted into a paradise, if not a private sanctuary for the homeowners’ physically challenged child. The bed frame is designed like a house to encourage the child to sleep alone while the bathroom is opened up to allow easy access. For a calming effect, a muted blue colour palette dressed the handicapped-friendly space.
Design by MONOCOT. This project won Best Space for Retreat at Lookbox Design Awards 2018.

#11 Boho vibe
kid's bedroom design by Make Room

A child’s bedroom is the best place to explore graphic patterns and prints. Here, Barbara Fritschy, mother and founder of design firm Make Room designed a relaxed room that truly embodies the boho vibe. Instead of built-in cupboards – since the home is a rental – wooden crates and standalone shelving units on castors serve as storage solutions. The decorating style is clearly nonchalant with books and toys on full display, which encourages the kids to put them away easily when not in use.
Design by Make Room. See full home feature here.

#12 Playful nature
kid's bedroom design by Worrell Yeung and Colony

This kid’s bedroom is a reflection of the art-and-design-collecting parents. Colourful furnishings lend a playful character, especially the jigsaw puzzle-inspired desk and chairs. Meanwhile, soft peach-coloured walls and built-ins imbue a calm and positive ambience to the space; the colour is believed to instil good manners and temperament to a child.
Design by Worrell Yeung and Colony. Photography by Eric Petschek.

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