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5 homes with incredible pet-friendly interior design

These Singapore residences are proof that pet-friendly features can be stylishly integrated into a home. And sometimes, they can look like decor too.

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Like any good animal owner, we treat our pets like members of the family and give them only the best. This, however, does not stop at toys and treats. Some pet owners even go to the extent of ensuring a pet friendly interior design when renovating their homes. Here are some great examples that demonstrate the love and care of the owners towards their canines, felines and leporids.

#1 Peekaboo apertures
pet friendly interior design by ASOLIDPLAN

A couple with two very young kids and two cats wanted their home to surprise and delight with sufficient open play space. So, the oft-neglected corridor space is put to good use with pockets of recessed square shelves that serve as display and a play area for the cats, whom the couple can easily keep an eye on. The liberal use of terrazzo also brings fun and character to the 4-room BTO flat.
Design by ASOLIDPLAN. This project was shortlisted for Outstanding HDB Flat in Lookbox Design Awards 2019.

#2 Doggy shelter
pet friendly interior design by Rooot Studio

This 4-room BTO flat is playful and lively with bold geometric shapes and pastel colours that perfectly encapsulate the homeowners’ vibrant personalities and love for the outdoors. It has also been thoughtfully designed to integrate a kennel beneath the settee cum shoe cabinet for the couple’s furry canine companion. The enlarged, open-concept living space ensures plenty of room for the dog to roam around, while laminate flooring does not scratch easily and is rather resistant to stains.
Design by Rooot Studio. See full home feature here.

#3 Purr-fect obstacle course
pet friendly interior design by Linear Space Concepts

A myriad of uplifting patterns and pastel colours abound in this condominium apartment. But its most striking feature is a mint green cat bridge that stretches across the living room, serving as a playground for all three cats. Designed with a transparent ground, the cat paws are visible from under, bringing joy to the homeowners too. It links to the television console, functioning as additional storage while hiding wiring clutter.
Design by Linear Space Concepts. See full home feature here.

#4 Bunny playpen
pet friendly interior design by Right Angle Studio

The young couple living here are nature and animal lovers. They created a ‘green corridor’ at the entrance comprising a row of louvre sunscreens paired with planter boxes to exercise their green thumbs, and for their rabbits to explore freely in a safe environment. This uninhibited playpen is also home to their little hideaway (crate), in which they can scurry to for shelter when needed.
Design by Right Angle Studio. See full home feature here.

#5 Pillar turned cat tower
pet friendly interior design by Home Journal

With the removal of unnecessary walls, this resale flat now enjoys an open and spacious layout, making it suitable for a feline to roam freely. The owner even dedicated a quiet corner, where he could read and relax in the company of his cat. Here, one of the two existing beams has been repurposed into a cat tower with anti-scratch laminates. And not surprisingly, the top of the tower is the cat’s favourite lookout spot.
Design by Home Journal.

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