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Right Angle Studio

Established: 2011

Right Angle Studio Profile

Profile image: Alex Liu, Founder and Design Director; Jay Liu, Co-Founder, Brand and Account Director
Location: A private lounge project in the Downtown core. Right Angle Studio has been designing residential interiors primarily in the past, and this private lounge is the firm’s first foray into commercial spaces. Say Alex and Jay Liu: “It’s a channel that allows our work to reach a wider audience, and inject tranquillity within the city.”

What is your firm’s design identity?
At Right Angle Studio, we adopt a minimalist and reductionist approach to our work, composing spaces in a form of understated luxury. The studio’s principle is to improve the dwellers’ lifestyle by redefining the space plan as much as possible, as this will reinvigorate their spatial experience.

What makes your firm and its work unique?
Apart from creating interiors with clean lines, a significant part of our design process lies in spatial planning. When conceptualising spaces, we always design in grids. The key spaces from the layout get dissected into rectangular forms, creating invisible gridlines amongst the spaces, fixtures, and furniture. By doing so, we can create order to the space, providing every fixture a place of belonging. This invisible order will eventually result in a composed and peaceful experience to the dweller, which we believe is the essence of minimalism.

What are your areas of expertise?
We are very particular about space planning, lighting design and the choice of materials. None of these elements can be omitted in the presence of a good piece of work. Space planning provides the visual order, while light and materials give life.

What constitutes a meaningful space?
Whether a space is meaningful or purposeful is subjective to every individual. A space will only be desirable if it serves the requirements of the dweller; just like a suit tailored to fit a gentleman. Every project will only be deemed purposeful when it fulfils the clients’ brief.

What’s your best design advice?
Design with meaning; a well-considered design has the ability to improve a user’s lifestyle or experience.


Right Angle Studio_logo_400px / (65) 6251 1552 / / 122 Eunos Avenue 7, Richfield Industrial Centre, #04-01, Singapore 409575

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