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One newly married couple, with two very different design preferences. How will this end?

A young married couple couldn’t decide on which interior design style to choose for their home, so Third Avenue Design gave them what they both wanted.

Home Type: 5-room HDB

Floor Area: 1,249 sqft

What happens when husband and wife have very different ideas for their home renovation? In the case of this 5-room HDB flat at Compassvale Drive, they looked to design firm Third Avenue Studio for guidance. The interior designer studied the young couple’s contrasting tastes and strived to find the right balance between both.


Third Ave Studio_288B Compassvale Crescent_tas_39362_final

The wife likes the industrial feel, with cement surfaces and raw textures. The husband on the other hand, prefers rooms that light, bright and airy. The solution? A combination of the two design languages. Darker floor tiles (they’re actually cement-like homogenous tiles) are paired with whitewashed walls; warm wood grains on the kitchen cabinets contrast against the jet-black trimmings, and concrete-like laminates on the wardrobe doors are accentuated by a pop of pastel.


Third Ave Studio_288B Compassvale Crescent_tas_39411_final

On paper, this marriage of polar opposites shouldn’t work, but Third Avenue Studio found the right formula for a winning design. Along the way, the design team threw a spanner in the works, with a wall painted in geometric angles. It’s a savvy way of adding a focal point that takes up zero space. It also acts as a contrast against the monochromatic colour palette. The carefully measured angles of the wall design is coloured in a combination of black, white, shades of grey and a pop of pastel pink.


Third Ave Studio_288B Compassvale Crescent_tas_39335_final

The blush pink on the living room wall happens to be the wife’s favourite colour. It’s no surprise that it also makes an appearance in the walk-in wardrobe. Here, Third Avenue Studio partitioned the master bedroom to carve out a narrow walkway, linked on either side with wall-to-wall wardrobe space. The concrete-like laminated surface and matching homogenous floor contrast against the blush pink wall, creating a welcoming walkway.

With its refreshed spatial flow, clever visual ‘pops’ and a marriage of design dichotomies, Third Avenue Studio brought new life to this HDB flat. Just as importantly, the interior design team made sure that both homeowners can be proud of their home.


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