5 non-tile kitchen backsplash ideas to love

Let’s give tile backsplash a rest and seek out other equally, if not better kitchen backsplash options.

  • 5 non-tile kitchen backsplash ideas to love

  • 5 non-tile kitchen backsplash ideas to love

  • 5 non-tile kitchen backsplash ideas to love

  • 5 non-tile kitchen backsplash ideas to love

  • 5 non-tile kitchen backsplash ideas to love

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Many a kitchen sports tile backsplash, especially with the revival of subway tiles. We’re not saying we hate it, but we would like to see other options apart from tile backsplash, don’t you? Here are five we’d love to see more of.

#1 Stainless steel backsplash

stainless steel backsplash by Third Avenue Studio

A huge piece of cut-to-size stainless steel sheet is a fantastic option for the kitchen backsplash. Not only is it easier to clean than tiles – no grout lines – it also adds a cool factor to the kitchen space, making it ideal for avid cooks. Now you know why it’s widely used in commercial kitchens.
Design by Third Avenue Studio

#2 Glass backsplash

glass kitchen backsplash by Design of Schatz

Another low-maintenance option is glass. A single sheet of glass, painted on the back with the colour of your choice lends a sleek, modern look to any kitchen. Furthermore, it has a beautiful, luminous sheen that help masks fingerprints or grease stains on the backsplash.
Design by Design of Schatz

#3 Marble backsplash

marble kitchen backsplash by Architology

We’ve seen this in countless kitchens but it never gets old. A classic option that exudes sophistication and grandeur, it translates well into a modern space too. Use the same marble for the kitchen countertop for that wow factor. Just remember to seal it every few years and wipe up splatters as soon as they happen to avoid stains. Also, never use acidic products to clean marble as it may dull its appearance. The same look can be achieved with marble-look quartz backsplash, which is cheaper and more durable.
Design by Architology

#4 Mirror backsplash

mirror kitchen backsplash in damansara house by endeavour land

Mirror, mirror on the backsplash, who is the best cook? This could be a conversation you could have with yourself or with others who are present in the kitchen, as you can still see your family or guests with your backs facing them. The reflective surface also helps create illusion of space and floating cabinets, making it the perfect choice for small kitchens.
By Endeavour Land Sdn Bhd

#5 Concrete screed backsplash

concrete screed backsplash by UPSTAIRS_

For those who prefer a nonchalant, industrial look, concrete screed backsplash is the way to go. Should you have splatters on it, which is every time you cook, it’s very forgiving thanks to its irregular patterns and dark-coloured surface.
Design by UPSTAIRS_

If you haven’t yet realised, the running theme is functional, easy-to clean backsplash. Less time cleaning, more time for other fun stuff, like watching TV and shopping perhaps? Yay, to those!

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