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Small space living ideas: 8 homes with ingenious design solutions

From hidden storage to transformable furniture, here are eight homes that showcase amazing small space living ideas.

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Though homes are getting smaller these days, designers are getting more creative in coming up with small space living ideas. From hidden storage to transformable furniture, here are eight homes to steal clever design ideas from.

#1 Invisible dining area

small space living ideas Type Street Apartment Tsai Design cc Tess Kelly

Tsai Design designed timber joinery that stretches the length of this 366 sqft apartment and connects all spaces seamlessly together. The folding dining table is integrated into a sliding door between the kitchen and living area so that it can be hidden away when not in use. See full home feature.


#2 Storage bed

small space living ideas Third Avenue Studio The Panorama

Designed by Third Avenue Studio, this master bedroom features a full-fledged platform bed that offers plenty of hidden storage. The hydraulic flip-up panels also make it easier to get items in and out of the storage space. See full home feature.


#3 Cafe dining

small space living ideas Design Zage HDB BTO Skyline @ Bukit Batok

Borrowing café design idea, Design Zage created a high dining table and matching chairs in suar wood, and placed them by the floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s perfect for the homeowners who live on the 36th floor – this is what I call dining with a view. This goes to show that you don’t need a lot of space to have a dining area. See full home feature.


#4 Loft bedroom

small space living ideas NCDA Hong Kong studio apartment with loft bed

To make small spaces appear larger, it seems like the only way to move is up. With only 370 sqft to play with, NCDA capitalised on the ten feet high ceilings to build a loft-like section that’s four feet tall. A ladder leads to the loft bedroom where a linear window grants breathtaking view of the outside, preventing a claustrophobic experience. See full home feature.


#5 Screen cum rotatable TV wall

small space living ideas akiHaus Design Studio Clover by the Park

Nothing seemed to quite fit in this home due to the small and awkward floor plan. As such, akiHAUS Design Studio erected a screen cum TV wall in the middle of the communal spaces to create the illusion of space. This also meant that TV can be rotated 180 degrees to serve both dining and living areas. This home is shortlisted for LBDA 2018 Most Dramatic Transformation.


#6 Invisible bedroom

small space living ideas Nitton Architects House in a Flat

Designed by Nitton Architects, the guest room in this BTO flat can easily be “tucked away” to form part of a larger living space. A pull-out bed is tucked beneath the raised oakwood deck of the indoor garden, while the other is a wall bed that is stored upright and folds down easily during bedtime. Nobody can tell there are beds hidden on the floor and in the wall. This home is shortlisted for LBDA 2018 Outstanding HDB FlatSee full home feature.


#7 Multi-functional stairs

small space living ideas Habit 1+1 SOHO apartment

To get more storage space out of this SOHO Apartment, Habit relocated the stairs along the window, so the original stair location (which was along a wall) can accommodate a long wardrobe. Habit also makes use of the window wall as the stair landing; and it doubles as a breakfast/tea bar without blocking the light and view. See full home feature.


#8 Carved out opening with movable table

small space living ideas ARKHILITE Borrowed Scenery

To create a home that connects the dining, study and music studio, while still able to function separately when needed, ARKHILITE carved out openings within the walls. But the most fascinating aspect is the 3.6m-long table that straddles between two spaces through the opening, serving as both the study table and dining table. This home is shortlisted for LBDA 2018 Best Space for Entertaining.

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