5 small apartment design ideas and products you should know

Here are five great small apartment design options for every room in your house!

  • 5 small apartment design ideas and products you should know

  • 5 small apartment design ideas and products you should know

  • 5 small apartment design ideas and products you should know

  • 5 small apartment design ideas and products you should know

  • 5 small apartment design ideas and products you should know

Text by Janice Seow

#1 Small apartment design for the living room – Kaare Klint sofa

small apartment design living room klint sofa

You don’t have to forgo a comfortable and stylish sofa just because you’re starved for space. For a small apartment, skip the three-seater and jump at the chance of a two-seater, especially if it’s a classic from Carl Hansen & Son! Designed by Kaare Klint back in 1930 for the office of the then Danish Prime Minister, this great sofa comes in options of oak, walnut, or black-painted oak with leather and goatskin upholstery.

Available at P5 and P5 Studio

#2 Small apartment design for the study – Poppe chair

small apartment design Poppe chair

Measuring a mere 33cm at its widest point, this slender chair can fit into any tight spot, and is particularly great for doing light work in a small study. Made in a lacquered steel frame with moulded polyurethane foam upholstered in fabric or leather, it’s also lightweight – so you can move it around the house with ease.

Available at Blå Station

#3 Small apartment design for the bathroom – 61 Metallo Quartz washstand

small apartment design bathroom washstand

Want to recreate a boutique hotel-inspired bathroom at home? Well you really can, even in the smallest of apartments. The new Victoria + Albert Metallo 61 Quartz washstand is an elegant and luxurious-looking design that’s perfect for compact spaces. It features a durable Quartz surface, an undermounted Kaali 46 basin, and an optional quartz upstand. It also comes with a towel bar and tubular brass shelf for storage. Available in three Quartz colours – Black, White and Biscuit.

Available at Victoria + Albert

#4 Small apartment design for the kitchen – TM29 and TIM29 Turbo hobs

small apartment design turbo hob

BTO homeowners listen up. TURBO Italia has launched two built-in, compact, two-zone hobs under its IMMAGINARIO series that are particularly great for small kitchens in BTO flats. TM29 is a ceramic hob with a nine-stage power setting. It is made with premium SCHOTT Ceran glass, and boasts nifty features such as front-touch control and lateral side frame; an automatic safety switch off; residual heat indicators; and a safety lock. The TIM29 is also made of SCHOTT Ceran glass. It comes with front touch control; timer; residual heat indicator; automatic stop; and child lock. Better yet, it has a 13Amp power supply, and hence is compatible with all households’ power points (many hobs in the market have a 15Amp power supply, requiring homeowners to make adjustments to their power points).


#5 Small apartment design for the kid’s room – Tempo wall shelf and desk

small apartment design kids room desk

If your kid’s room is space starved, go for flexible, multi-functional and slim furniture pieces that will ‘grow’ with your child. ACTUS häuse offers designs that are not just temporary additions to a child’s life, but adaptable solutions that can accompany them through the different phases of their life. A case in point: their Tempo collection of furniture is both fun and versatile, with consideration for future space planning. We particularly like how this slim design (above) works as both a display cum storage shelf, and as a desk.

ACTUS häuse by atomi

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