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4 awesome wall-mountable designs to maximise your vertical space!

When it comes to modestly-sized homes, we’re hung up on these wall-mountable pieces.

Text by Aditi Gaitonde Fernandes


#1 Strap Modular Shelving System


Put all that dead vertical space to good use with a flexible shelving solution like the Strap Modular Shelving System by Bolia. While the tracks on this system are fixed, the oak shelves are entirely adjustable with sturdy leather straps, allowing you to customise it to your needs.

Available at Kühl Home

#2 Note desk


Even the tiniest of homes can fit in a study desk… on the wall. Get a load of the Note desk designed by Peter J. Lassen for Montana. A multi-functional piece, the Note is a simple yet ingenious wall-mounted piece that can be used as a study desk, a coffee station, a bar or display unit. Available in a whopping 42 lacquer colours.

Available at Danish Design

#3 Mini Stacked Storage


If there’s one thing small homes love, it’s versatility. Consider this wall-mounted storage system that’s clean lined, elegant and all kinds of versatile. The Mini Stacked Storage by Muuto is a perfect fit for smaller spaces such as hallways and bathrooms. Available in several subtle colours, group these cubes on the wall to create an installation of sorts that’s both functional and stunning.

Available at Grafunkt

#4 Stove chair


What if you could hang up your furniture on the wall when you’re not using it? Precisely the question designer Gabriel Tan asked himself before designing the Stove – a tiny three-legged chair with a short backrest that can be hung up on wooden pegs like a sculptural piece. Lightweight, it’s perhaps one of the most comfortable small seaters for adults that gives the lower back just enough support.

Available at Blå Station 

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