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Outstanding Private Apartment: the LBDA 2019 Shortlist revealed

Here are the seven stunning apartments in Singapore that are in the running for the title of Outstanding Private Apartment at LBDA 2019.

We’re thrilled to present the seven apartments that are in the running to be named “Outstanding Private Apartment” at Lookbox Design Awards (LBDA) 2019.

These are the projects that our esteemed panel of regional judges have picked as some of Singapore’s most stunning apartments.

Find out which will take home the top honours at the LBDA Gala Night on Thursday 5 December. Book your tickets here!

#1 Project name: Alternating Bands
Outstanding Private Apartment

Project type: 3-bedroom condo

A young and busy couple wanted a home where they could spend time with their child while still having private spaces that they could enjoy. The existing layout, which had walls separating the apartment into four distinct layers, could not be reconfigured. As such, the designers incorporated the concept of duality into the context of the four layers by creating ‘alternating bands’ of spaces: a colourful, child-friendly public realm of a kitchen and living area; a monochrome study for adults; a colourful children’s room; and a monochrome adults’ master bedroom suite.

#2 Project name: Bullion Park
Outstanding Private Apartment

Project type: 3-bedroom condo
Firm: wee studio

The designers have a taken a modern contemporary and minimalist approach to the design of this 26-year-old apartment. White marble flooring and a light wood material palette enhances the spacious appeal of this abode, while contrasting colours and reflective elements give it an edge. The living and dining area, and kitchen are designed as one seamless, open space; the master bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe are also visually connected. The glass window in the master bathroom features a unique integrated blind feature that affords privacy when needed.

#3 Project name: Clementiwoods
Outstanding Private Apartment

Project type:
Firm: JOW Architects

Owned by a couple with two young children, the requirement was for distinct zones for various activities (family gatherings, school work, piano practice), and just enough storage to be able to pack things away quickly. The contemporary interior carries Japanese design influences. The study and private quarters can be segregated from the communal areas by way of slide and fold doors that are reminiscent of shoji screens, or opened up to allow for the supervision of the children. The island kitchen fosters interaction and the foyer features customised storage cabinets so the family can easily stow things away upon entering the home.

#4 Project name: Open Space
Outstanding Private Apartment

Project type: 3-bedroom condo
Firm: Joey Khu ID

The designer has turned an apartment with an uninspiring and enclosed layout into a relaxed and minimalist home for a bachelor. Colour, form, texture, scale, as well as the flow and function of the different spaces have all been carefully considered to ensure that the elements work holistically together, and to achieve a design that is unstructured and unexpected. Most of the non-structural walls were removed and the space re-divided into a bigger living/entertaining hall, and a dining zone with an open-concept kitchen. The entrance to the master bedroom has also been enlarged to accommodate a customised artwork sliding door.

#5 Project name: Project T
Outstanding Private Apartment

Project type: 3-bedroom walk-up
Firm: Third Avenue Studio

Significant spatial reconfiguration was undertaken to improve the flow and hierarchy of space, and draw more natural light into this walk-up apartment. The two bedrooms at the front, which enjoyed the most natural light, were replaced with the living area and open kitchen. Window panels were made larger to enhance the light penetration into the home. The master bedroom was also pushed back in the plan, making it more private and closer to the bathrooms. A light colour palette was chosen to further enhance the bright and inviting atmosphere of this now light-filled home.

#6 Project name: The Bale
Outstanding Private Apartment

Project type: 4-bedroom penthouse

The designers have created a mid-century and industrial inspired apartment with space for the owner to showcase a personal collection of art and artefacts. To achieve a bigger space for entertaining, the living and dining area was enlarged by removing the walls to one of the bedrooms. Of note is a custom dining table, topped at one end with a smaller circular table that provides additional surface for a quick breakfast or to place food and drink during parties.

#7 Project name: The Loft Box Apartment
Outstanding Private Apartment

Project type: 3-bedroom walk-up

The owners had lived in this apartment for some years, before going overseas for work. Upon returning, and now with two kids, they wanted their two-bedroom home to be turned into a three-bedder, and with a helper’s room. Having undergone a 180 transformation, the apartment is now bright and pristine, with the exposed, pitch-roofed shell utilised as a double volume space. The private spaces have been relegated to the extreme ends of the floorplate: the master bedroom and walk-in wardrobe at one end, and the two junior bedrooms and helper’s room at the other. The social spaces are positioned at the centre. The different spaces are consolidated into a “Box Loft”, an undulating and multifunctional spatial volume, and the top of the box structure has been made into an informal ‘attic’.

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