Best Space for Entertaining: the LBDA 2019 Shortlist revealed

Here are the seven awesome homes in Singapore that are in the running for the title of Best Space for Entertaining at LBDA 2019.

  • Best Space for Entertaining: the LBDA 2019 Shortlist revealed

  • Best Space for Entertaining: the LBDA 2019 Shortlist revealed

  • Best Space for Entertaining: the LBDA 2019 Shortlist revealed

  • Best Space for Entertaining: the LBDA 2019 Shortlist revealed

  • Best Space for Entertaining: the LBDA 2019 Shortlist revealed

  • Best Space for Entertaining: the LBDA 2019 Shortlist revealed

  • Best Space for Entertaining: the LBDA 2019 Shortlist revealed

We’re thrilled to present the seven homes that are in the running to be named “Best Space for Entertaining” at Lookbox Design Awards (LBDA) 2019.

These are the projects that our esteemed panel of regional judges have picked as some of the most awesome homes in Singapore for entertaining.

Find out which will take home the top honours at the LBDA Gala Night on Thursday 5 December. Book your tickets here!

#1 Project name: 1027 Sticks
Best Space for Entertaining

Project type: 2-bedroom apartment

This apartment had an irregularly shaped living room and a 7-metre-high double volume ceiling. The rooms were immensely compact and isolated, and the designers were tasked by the newly-wed owners to completely remodel the flow of the spaces to encompass larger, open spaces for entertaining, cooking, rest and so forth, and to design solutions that would enable limited space to serve a multitude of functions, all without clear delineation of boundaries or walls. The open-plan, double-volume social space – now anchored by a kitchen island that also serves as a dining counter and bar – is surrounded by spaces for lounging and gathering; the entertainment console doubles as a bench for spill-over guests; and an elevated loft, cladded in perforated steel mesh, floats above the main living space.
See full home feature here.

#2 Project name: Japanese Izayaka & Ryokan
Best Space for Entertaining

Project type: HDB maisonette
Firm: Sync Interior

With a love for Japanese culture, the homeowner wanted to combine the concept and aesthetics of a Japanese izakaya with that of a ryokan. The idea was also to have pockets of space with platforms everywhere for friends to gather, just like how colleagues in Japan gather after work at an izakaya. Besides making structural alterations to open up the home, there are customised built-in structures and furniture to bring out the theme, and almost everything in the home is bought or made in Japan.

#3 Project name: Reversing Dwelling
Best Space for Entertaining

Project type: Intermediate terrace house
Firm: Metaphor Studio

The male owner needed an indoor and outdoor entertainment area for when his friends came over, and an open space for female guests to discuss and practice their culinary interests. The open-concept layout allows the client to connect with each other and entertain in both formal and informal ways; guests can sit on the steps and floor casually, and parents with kids can also park their children in a cosy corner below the staircase which has ample storage for toys.

#4 Project name: The Bale
Best Space for Entertaining

Project type: 4-bedroom penthouse

The homeowner wanted an open space where people could gather and mingle without space restrictions. To create more room, the designers have enlarged the living and dining area by hacking one bedroom, which also brings natural light into the space. The customised TV console features an attached long dining table, and this combined unit has a dry pantry where the owner can make coffee. The dining table is topped at one end with a smaller circular table that provides additional surface for a quick breakfast or to place food and drink when entertaining. A long bench in the living area serves as additional seating for bigger parties.

#5 Project name: The Heng House
Best Space for Entertaining

Project type: 2-storey terrace house
Firm: Goy Architects

The homeowner, who occupies this home with her parents, wanted a studio space for the pilates classes she conducts pro bono for those with mobility issues. The home also had to be spacious enough to hold both intimate and large gatherings, including the community meetings hosted by her father, who is involved with the yellow ribbon project. The tropical kampong house was the inspiration for this project, where the goal was to create a home with an easy-going spirit, with different pockets of space to rest, play and communicate. The designers have blurred line between external and internal spaces through the use of skylights and air wells. Given the client’s interest in up-cycling and appreciation for antique Javanese timber doors and windows, the designers have restored said designs and incorporated them into the house.

#6 Project name: The Loft House
Best Space for Entertaining

Project type: 2-storey semi-detached house
Firm: TA.LE Architects

As per the homeowners’ brief, the designers have created a house that has the silhouette of a ‘house in the tropics’, with an unmistakable pitch roof view from the exterior, and an interior design that is modern and timeless. The owners wanted to be able to entertain occasionally, and for guests to be able to feel the presence of the house without disturbing the more private spaces. The highlight of the house is the double volume loft, with a pitch roof, that’s designed for social gatherings. The serrated ceiling with embedded LED lighting lights up the space at night, and a custom designed pendant light sculpture provides directional lighting for the dining space below. The family area on the 2nd floor landing has visual connection to the entertaining space below, while still offering some level of privacy to those on this level.

#7 Project name: The View
Best Space for Entertaining

Project type: 3-bedroom condo

The bachelor living here wanted the entertaining of his intimate group of friends to be constantly accompanied by the stunning view outside. As such, the designers have reconfigured the previously enclosed kitchen and yard to create an open kitchen and bar that now becomes connected to the view. The owner now has three separate but connected spaces to enjoy the scenery – the living room, dining area, and the bar/kitchen. Even the master bedroom becomes a potential entertaining space, with a counter height desk also facing the view, and acting as a headboard of the window-facing bed.

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