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Monochromatic luxury in a four-room flat

From ordinary to upscale, Third Avenue Studio plays on striking geometry, angles and a monochromatic colour scheme to create a sophisticated looking HDB flat one won’t soon forget.

Home Type: 4-room HDB BTO flat

Text by Disa Tan

Sleek monochromes and an edgy order of geometrical accents define this HDB dwelling. According to Design Consultant Michelle Tang from Third Avenue Studio, who was commissioned for this renovation, the homeowners’ design brief was for a “monochromatic and chic home with a spacious and airy disposition.”

monochromatic Third Avenue Studio

Michelle has fleshed out their brief with angular design details that make strong visual statements. This shows up prominently in the integrated island and dining table. In response to the homeowners’ request for an island counter, the designer installed this special custom piece in the open-concept kitchen and dining area, and clad it entirely in engineered stone. She says: “We utilised the Cosentino Dekton Stonika series and wrapped all faces of the table with this hybrid quartz surface.” To accommodate the dining chairs and bench comfortably, she also worked in legroom inserts within both sides of the table.

monochromatic Third Avenue Studio

The striking tile arrangement in the shared kitchen and dining area helps to set this zone apart from the living area, while the added outline of slim brass inlays injects further depth and charm to this customised flooring installation.

monochromatic Third Avenue Studio

The feature wall in the living zone is covered in black marble-look laminate, which brings an added sense of sophistication into the space. Says Michelle: “The angled form of the feature wall aligns with the left corner which rims the walkway.” This chamfered design detail is applied to the full-height cabinetry, which lines the other side of the walkway, and softens the entryway into the living zone. For added visual interest, the designer installed recessed lighting along the base of the TV console to create the illusion of a ‘floating’ platform.

monochromatic Third Avenue Studio

When it came to the household shelter and DB box, Michelle turned these usually unsightly permanent fixtures into remarkable design features. “We fashioned floor-to-ceiling carpentry to conceal the household shelter and DB panels while still allowing full accessibility to these areas without compromising on storage,” says Michelle. A hidden shoe cabinet was also installed within the entrance of the household shelter. “Racks are mounted along the inner-face of the door panel itself, thereby ensuring unobstructed access to the household shelter door,” she explains. The use of 180-degree opening hinges allow the shoe rack door panel to unravel in a horizontal plane, and offer the homeowners a fuss-free way to retrieve or rearrange their footwear.

monochromatic Third Avenue Studio

Continuing the sleek interplay of geometrical forms and a dark colour palette in the master bedroom, Michelle has designed a highly arresting headboard to helm this space. She says: “In black spray-painted finish, this hand-made and three-dimensional headboard features diamond-tessellated designs and trimmings. The bottom half is a flushed surface, allowing us to incorporate open bedside shelving into the design. The recessed light fixtures project soft lighting onto the bedhead surface, creating a cosy ambience.”

monochromatic Third Avenue STudio

To maintain the monochrome look, Michelle overlaid dark grey marble-look tiles onto the master bathroom floor and walls, and designed niches wrapped in the same tiles next to the shower head for ease of access to bathing necessities. By also incorporating chrome bathroom fittings, the designer has turned this bathroom is a sleek and highly polished looking space.

monochromatic Third Avenue STudio

The common bathroom carries a bolder design, where patterned monochromatic mosaic tiles are overlaid on the floor and used to create a feature wall. Says Michelle: “This tile arrangement creates an L-shaped wrap to elongate the length of the bathroom while complementing the original white tiles. We also installed black hardware on the shower screen to further enforce the bathroom’s strong monochromatic theme.”

monochromatic Third Avenue Studio

By incorporating striking yet savvy design details in all areas of this home, Michelle and the Third Avenue Studio design team have elevated HDB living to greater heights.

Third Avenue Studio

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