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An overhaul with masculine features for a condominium

This resale condominium showcases bold strokes that enhance its sense of space and landscaped vistas beyond.

Home Type: 2-bedroom condominium apartment

Floor Area: 960sqft

Text by Rossara Jamil

Many homeowners are looking to make strong design statements in their homes, but don’t know how. That’s when an interior designer is brought in to work his or her magic. For this two-bedroom condominium apartment at Reflections at Keppel Bay, the homeowners engaged the expertise of Third Avenue Studio to realise their visions of a home, which bears a masculine look and feel.

masculine living space Reflections at Keppel Bay designed by Third Avenue Studio

The interior design brief for Third Avenue Studio included the following: overhaul the master bathroom, create a clear, uninterrupted open kitchen, redo the master bedroom wardrobe to add more storage, and conceptualise a bedhead feature wall.

masculine living chamfered countertop detailing Reflections at Keppel Bay designed by Third Avenue Studio

The apartment adopts a simple palette of black, grey, white and touches of wood. In the living area, a suspended TV console in a laterally inverted C shape draws the eye. Furthermore, the chamfered countertop ledge detailing creates a slim front profile.

masculine dining Reflections at Keppel Bay designed by Third Avenue Studio

The kitchen also shares the open-plan space, while being visually demarcated by the customised Sensa granite bar counter that also functions as a dining space. Together with the plush sofa, the use of black light fittings throughout the living and dining areas evoke elegance in a space filled with classic contrasts and linear elements.

masculine bedroom Reflections at Keppel Bay designed by Third Avenue Studio

masculine master bedroom detail Reflections at Keppel Bay designed by Third Avenue Studio

masculine bedroom with a view Reflections at Keppel Bay designed by Third Avenue Studio

In the master bedroom, dark hues dominate, befitting its function as a space for sleep. Designer Michelle Tang says: “The bedhead feature wall doubles as top-hung storage alongside an inner rim of cove lighting which brings dimension to the vertically slatted feature.” Instead of aiming for symmetry, Michelle customised asymmetrical side tables, personalised to fit the lifestyle usage of each owner. A new wardrobe now accommodates more storage than before.

masculine bathroom Reflections at Keppel Bay by Third Avenue Studio

Finally, Michelle’s makeover of the master bathroom consists of removing the bathtub – as per the homeowners’ request – in favour of a double vanity and a spacious shower area. With a suspended bottom cabinet and a horizontal display niche, it meets the couple’s functional needs with style. Michelle then added top cabinets with under-cabinet and frontal rim lighting. The rim lighting not only enhances the space visually, but also provides the appropriate shadow-cancelling lighting for a daily routine of makeup and preparation. Handsomely clad with dark tiles, the spacious shower area situated right next to the vanity evokes the masculine look that the homeowners had asked for.

The contrasting elements and the introduction of textures in the choice of laminates, tiles and furnishings bring warmth and cosiness to this largely monochromatic space. Michelle’s attention to details results in a consistent design language throughout the apartment. Coupled with the verdant greenery outside and the views brought into the space via large windows in the shared and private spaces, the home feels spacious and open.

Third Avenue Studio

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