Special curves – Third Avenue Studio

Concealed within the soothing curvatures of this resale condo is a seamless interplay of secret doors and hidden storage.

  • Special curves – Third Avenue Studio

Text by Disa Tan

Project type: 4-bedroom condominium unit
Floor area: 2,940sqft

Facing imposing structural columns and an awkward floor plan in this condo, Principal Consultant Edwin Pang from Third Avenue Studio decided to counter these old resale unit issues with a minimalist design. New wall cladding with contours were designed to mask the unsightly look of the columns in the open-concept kitchen, while the kitchen was reoriented into a galley layout to accommodate a bar area.

Third Avenue Studio project

A shoe cabinet and the entrance to a storeroom are seamlessly embedded within the wall cladding along the hallway at the foyer. Says Edwin: “This creates a long and grand-looking entrance, while improving the transition and flow of the space. It also brings privacy to the living area, which was previously completely open.”

Third Avenue Studio project

Integrated with the new carpentry works, the structural columns wrapped in wall cladding have a functional purpose as a form of demarcation for the living and dining zones.

Third Avenue Studio project

Large format floor tiles enhance the visual expanse of the open-plan communal areas. This spacious setting responds well to the spatial requirements of the homeowners, a married couple with three young children. The family enjoys lounging and entertaining in this free-flowing space complete with a large eight-seater dining table.

A dual-sided divider hosts bench seating for the bar, as well as the walkway to the private areas. The two-way opening strategically frames the sleek-looking bar and pantry counter, and provides a connection for interaction between the two areas.

A staggering seven-metre-long wardrobe makes a stellar impression in the master ensuite. With meticulous planning, Edwin successfully incorporated this sprawling closet by removing all the non-structural walls and reconfiguring the layout. He also expanded the master bathroom and strategically relocated the shower area to create a more serene ambience.

On the other side of the walk-in wardrobe lies the sleeping area, and Edwin was mindful in ensuring that the space would be ample enough to comfortably accommodate a king-size bed. A ribbed glass panel that peeks into the closet also brings in more light and imbues the room with a greater sense of openness.

Third Avenue Studio project

Third Avenue Studio


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