Feels Like Home by Dots ‘N’ Tots

The look of this 4-room HDB BTO is decidedly Scandinavian-inspired, thanks to the textured surfaces, pops of colours and the neat and orderly layout


Feeling Zen by Dots ‘N’ Tots

This Zen-inspired BTO flat transports its owners to the more tranquil parts of Japan


Colour Blocking by Add Space

The owners of this HDB flat wanted to inject a bit of colour into their lives


Urban Luxe by Ciseern

The new Ciseern showroom takes a step towards the glamorous side of things with a more restrained and sophisticated approach.

Dining room

Large And In Charge by

Not many homes can pull off a look that is grand yet homely. This landed house however, manages to pull it off with panache.

Inspiring HDB, Condominium and Landed property homes.
Follow the Grain by Add Space

Project Type: 3-room HDB

Floor Area: 700 sqft

Keywords: Add Space, Open Concept, Wood

Quietly Stylish by Dots ‘N’ Tots

Project Type: 4-bedroom Condominium

Floor Area: 1,800 sqft

Keywords: Black and white, Contemporary, Dots 'N' Tots

On Display by Dots ‘N’ Tots

Project Type: 4-room HDB

Floor Area: 1,000 sqft

Keywords: Black, Contemporary, Display

EGO elodie
The Elodie leather sofa is a fully reclinable sofa with adjustable seats, backrest and footrest
EGO claudie
Bring a sophisticated edge to your home with the Claudie sofa.
EGO florence
The elegant shape and beautiful trimming on the Florence leather sofa make it a good fit on most contemporary homes