Watch: A Dakota Breeze BTO flat filled with colour and precious memories

A young couple’s passion for travel, art and collecting are colourfully displayed in this four-room flat in Dakota Breeze.

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 969sqft

Text by Janice Seow

This four-room BTO flat in Dakota Breeze is a treasure box containing all the things the owners love and that are precious to them.

Posters and vibrant pieces of art fill the home with stories of travel and memories they share as a married couple. There’s even a specially commissioned art piece done by @dirtydoodies that’s inspired by their honeymoon in Italy – and it cleverly incorporates the orange Mutina tiles that they chose for the foyer in their home.

The orange Mutina tiles in the foyer have informed the home’s overall colour palette, and cheery hues of orange are echoed on furnishings, and even on the bathroom grouting and artworks.

The husband works from home and so they enlisted the help of Ascend Design to create a bright and comfortable space that would be suitable for both work and relaxation. Having a proper office space was vital, and the designers have turned the room next to the living area into a see-though study where the walls have been replaced with glass panels and display shelving so that it forms a visual dialogue with the common areas (living/dining/kitchen).

Continuing with the brief for bright and open spaces, the kitchen walls in this Dakota Breeze unit have also been demolished to create an open-concept kitchen with a pantry. Apart from that, the second bedroom has been converted into a walk-in wardrobe for the master bedroom.

The couple worked closely with their designer to ensure that the renovation could be kept within a budget of $60,000. This was done by having built-in carpentry only where necessary, while an itemised invoice helped with budgeting and decision making.

Throughout the renovation, the couple found sources of inspiration from social media. To pay it forward, they have set up an Instagram account dedicated to their reno journey to help others who are going through the same experience. You can check them out at @wumahdakota.

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