Ascend Design

Established: 2018

Ascend Design

From left: Jasper Goh, Principal Designer and Agnes Yap, Chief Creative. Location: Space Furniture

Who we are:
Ascend Design is made up of individuals from diverse creative fields who bring together their expertise to craft distinctive spaces and brand identities. More than just an interior design firm, we specialise in providing comprehensive brand consultation services, aiding companies in the strategic development and enhancement of their brands.

How we differentiate ourselves:
Many in our team have backgrounds and ongoing involvement in the fashion and graphics industries. These unique perspectives influence our distinctive approach to colour and material pairings. Unlike conventional interior firms, we don’t confine ourselves to a single interior concept. Beyond merely crafting spaces, we curate experiences.

Our creative process:
Be it a home or a business, our commitment lies in comprehending the nuances of the homeowner or target audience. We go to great lengths to grasp their specific needs and lifestyle, shaping our plans accordingly. This personalised insight impacts our choice of materials and colours, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious integration of every element.

“We love travelling to different parts of the world where we get inspired by different cultures, discover new materials and watch how different the world is everywhere.” — Jasper Goh, Principal Designer

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