A modern cave for quiet domestic moments

Ascend Design transforms an executive apartment into an ‘urban cave’ with a delightful medley of earthy materials and textures.

  • A modern cave for quiet domestic moments

Home Type: HDB executive apartment

Floor Area: 1,350sqft

Text by Stephanie Peh

Trust between homeowners and designers is one of the core ingredients when it comes to creating a beautiful home. For this 1,350-square-foot HDB executive apartment, the homeowners gave Ascend Design free reign, often asking them to “go ahead with what you think is the nicest” when it came down to materiality and colours. This has resulted in a fashionable dwelling that is not only well-designed, but cohesive and utilitarian – made for a couple who enjoys spending quiet moments together.

curved window

“The house is supposed to have a very earthy, natural feel to it, which is why we used materials like real terrazzo flooring and wood-inspired laminates that look a little raw. This is paired with limewash paint to create a more ‘cave like’ interior,” says Jasper Goh, creative partner at Ascend Design. Throughout this executive apartment, a wide range of materials and textures have been employed to create a cosy atmosphere.

curved door

Adhering to the homeowners’ request to have interesting features around the house, Ascend Design has ensured that there are unique details at every corner: curved lines, sculptural furniture and small sections of tiled walls layer the space artistically, balanced with muted colours of creams and greys.

In the living room, a curved feature wall doubles as a television console, concealing unsightly wires and maintaining a clean aesthetic. The monolithic structure also carves out an entrance foyer, offering privacy and also a sense of anticipation as one enters the home.

executive apartment dining room

For the flexibility of shifting things around to suit various settings, the dining room has been kept stylishly simple and casual with an assortment of chairs and a curved table from Gamar. A pendant lamp above makes a striking statement.

executive apartment kitchen

The kitchen features a warm red flooring paired with a tapestry of four laminates. A cream-coloured stone-look backing defines the open shelves alongside a muted grey stone backsplash, softening the heavy wood-look laminates that make up the linear cabinets. Despite the playful approach on textures and materials, the kitchen came together seamlessly.

dark luxurious bathroom

“It’s tough to really pinpoint the aesthetic of this home because quite a few elements of different concepts are found in the space,” says Jasper who added that this is especially apparent when one compares the two bathrooms. The common bathroom takes on a maximalist approach inspired by neoclassicism, while the master bathroom features a postmodern minimalist look with microcement finish.

minimalist bathroom

In the master bedroom, the bathroom entrance and air-conditioner ledge are concealed behind panels that blend in with the wardrobe design. Fluted panels form the bedhead with symmetrical bedside lighting and tables, creating a pleasing visual balance.

executive apartment

“In general, the house reflects the homeowners’ fashion sense and way of life whereby everything is tasteful yet functional,” says Jasper.

earthy woody bedroom

Ascend Design

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Lighting from Sol Luminaire
Dining table and chairs from Gamar
Living room sofa from Castlery
Microcement bathroom works by AftertouchWorks 
Wallpaper for kid’s room and master wardrobe (top portion) from CraftAxis  
Floor tiles and terrazzo from Hafary

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