A vintage Arcadia

The lush surroundings and hardy interiors of this forty-year-old apartment served as the inspiration for its makeover.

  • A vintage Arcadia

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 1,700sqft

Text by Isabelle Tow

Possessing green thumbs, the owners of this apartment now have a dense garden of indoor plants on their balcony. Since greenery is a central feature of the estate as well, the designers wanted to curate an interior that would consider and seamlessly blend in with the surrounding environment.

vintage style apartment

Despite its age, the bones of the house are well-maintained, and the apartment has acquired a charming patina over time. One of those features are the parquet floors, which are laid in a double herringbone pattern. To allow the vintage details to pop, a pared-back concept was sought, comprising simple white walls and classic furnishings made from natural materials.

vintage style apartment

As one of the apartment’s standout features, the existing arched frame by the entrance foyer was kept. The area is tucked to a corner with few windows, but a fresh coat of white paint brightens up the space and is a nice contrast against the dark wooden steps.

blue coloured kitchen

The kitchen layout was completely reconfigured to optimise the space and fulfil the owner’s request for a bar counter. The result is a practical, storage-maximised space decked in soothing navy, a colour inspired by nature.

staircase with art

Another interesting feature of the apartment is that it is a split-level home, with stairs leading upstairs and downstairs from the main living area to the master bedroom and common bedrooms respectively. Here, the neutral palette brings attention to the hung art and vintage furniture pieces.

charcoal grey bedroom

A bold charcoal accent wall was chosen for the master bedroom to create contrast with the vibrant hues of the art pieces and pastels on the soft furnishings. The inky hue also invokes a slumberous vibe, signalling a space for rest.


The rooms on the upper floor were combined so that the entire floor is now the master suite. The bedroom is separated from the walk-in wardrobe by a framework of glass panels that act as a spatial partition.

vintage style interiors

The rectilinear geometry and monochromatic scheme of the windows is repeated in the master bathroom. Dainty lights and a curated display of keepsakes warm a bare wall at the top of the stairs.

three-d conceptwerke

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