This lifestyle influencer’s breezy, hassle-free pad is all curves

Lifestyle influencer Joycelyn Thiang’s home with her husband Weehow is the perfect chill pad with lots of corners for capturing Instagram shots.

  • This lifestyle influencer’s breezy, hassle-free pad is all curves

  • This lifestyle influencer’s breezy, hassle-free pad is all curves

  • This lifestyle influencer’s breezy, hassle-free pad is all curves

Home Type: 4-room HDB BTO flat

Floor Area: 1,100sqft

Text by Janice Seow

When lifestyle influencer and marketing executive Joycelyn Thiang @joycelynthiang wants to do an unboxing video or snap a series of outfits to post, she can choose to do so from one of the many appealing corners in her BTO flat.

curves flat Ascend Design

The four-room unit that she shares with husband Weehow, an engineer, has the space, and striking backdrops that look great on the lens. But while this home has been designed for this very activity, it’s also home and as such has all the homey trappings the busy couple could ask for.

“Their common interest would actually be lazing around at home after work, and to be away from all the noise,” share the designers from Ascend Design, whom the couple had engaged for this project.

curves flat Ascend Design

Included in the couple’s briefing notes was for a clean and simple home, but with detailing to elevate the look. It also had to be functional and hassle free.

curves flat Ascend Design

“We decided not to make any structural changes to the floorplan as our clients will be looking to upgrade their home in the next few years. Instead, we extended the kitchen counter into the living area in such a way that it serves as an ‘island’ of sorts. The edge was also curved so it wouldn’t jut out awkwardly,” say the designers.

curves flat Ascend Design

The use of curves is a recurring theme. It can also be found on the feature arc in the living area, and is Joycelyn’s go-to ootd backdrop.

lifestyle influencer flat Ascend Design

Fluted surfaces and warm woody shades bring beautiful texture to the otherwise pristine and simple interior. Other striking details include the custom golden arc shower screen in the master bathroom, which had to be built overseas and shipped over. The matching mirror brings in yet more curves.

Ascend Design

Where To Shop
Vinyl flooring from Jotterwood
Laminate on kitchen cabinets from Lamitak, counter surface from Surface Top Solution & Renovation
Dining table and chairs from Castlery

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