Established: 2016


From left: Deonna Koh, Senior Designer; Hace Chua, Design Director; and Stephanie Lo, Senior Designer

What we are known for:
Specialising in residential, commercial and hospitality projects, we believe that every design should simplify the experience and utilisation of spaces to complement the user. Our designs consistently aim to provide greater comfort, convenience and lifestyles experiences. 

How we work with clients:
The key to a successful designer-client relationship is listening. No two clients are the same, just as no two homes should be the same. Therefore, we take the time to understand every client’s lifestyle and tastes, and make them feel adequately comfortable to share their thoughts with us as much as possible.

Key to a successful project outcome:
Knowledge is power. It is important for designers to know and pick up on details in every home as it can affect the design outcome and project timeline. 

What we want to explore in 2023:
This is an exciting year for us. Apart from expanding our design team, we want to look at offering our clients shopping and home styling services. 

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