Established: 2016


From left: Sherry Ng, Senior Designer; Hace Chua, Design Director; and Stephanie Lo, Senior Designer. Location: Fritz Hansen

Who we are:
Specialising in residential, commercial and hospitality projects, we hold the belief that every design should enhance the usability and experience of spaces, complementing the user’s needs. Our designs consistently strive to deliver heightened comfort, convenience and enriching lifestyle experiences.

How we differentiate ourselves:
We pride ourselves in the quality of our delivered projects. Other than providing a functional layout with a good design, it’s more than crucial to us that the finishings are well executed with precision.

Our creative process:
The client’s vision is not just a starting point but a continuous source of inspiration throughout our creative process.

What to expect from us in 2024
We plan to recruit new talents to form a larger team of design and client-centric individuals who are not afraid of taking on the ever-growing demands of this industry.

“Our creative and design inspirations are derived from the distinct visions that each client has for their project.” — Hace Chua, Design Director

Ethereall logo / (65) 8318 8892 / / 22 New Industrial Road, #05-27/28 Primax Building, Singapore 536208

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