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Established: 2008


Mark Chen, Business Manager

Design approach:
Since our inception, we are still of the belief that space planning is the most important aspect. First, we work with our clients to understand them well and what their needs are for us to sculpt the space. This is followed by understanding their likings and style, which will then influence the colours, materials and textures for the home.

Favourite materials to work with:
At the moment, we like working with materials like seamless flooring (terrazzo) and natural materials (stones like marble, granite or veneer), which give the space a certain character, a statement or a welcoming and warm feeling.

Trend forecast:
Seeing that people all over the globe are still spending lots of time at home, lively colours would most likely gain traction as well as playful furniture and decor.

Ideal client-designer relationship:
Transparency and trust. That way, both parties can benefit from the full impact of the project’s outcome.

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#02-01A, Singapore 168976

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