Established: 2008


Mark Chen, Business Manager. Location: Bolia

Who we are:
Artistroom is a design studio with a keen interest in crafting unique interiors. Established in 2008, our expertise lies in designing functional spaces to meet the needs of our clients. We work closely with homeowners to ensure that functionality, design and construction are seamlessly integrated, assisting them in space-planning, and in the selection of colours, materials and interior fittings to bring to life the vision of their dream space.

Our creative process:
For each project, we dedicate time to spend with our clients, starting from the initial design phase and continuing through to the completion of renovations. This holistic approach not only provides us with invaluable insights into their needs and preferences, but also serves as a guiding force in creating homes that truly reflect their desires.

What we like to tell our clients:
We derive immense satisfaction from navigating various design milestones and discovering new materials and creative possibilities alongside our clients. Ultimately, we are motivated by the recognition and satisfaction of our clients in our work. For a successful project outcome, we believe in clear timelines, transparency and a foundation of trust between both parties.

“Our inspiration come from a myriad sources, including our travels, reading, and by keenly observing our surroundings.” — Mark Chen, Business Manager

Artistroom logo / (65) 6557 0244 / / 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace 
#02-01A, Singapore 168976

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