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Established: 2008

Artistroom Profile

Profile image: Mark Chen, Business Manager; Katy Chong, Senior Spatial Designer
Location: Artistroom’s studio. “We have been in this location for many years,” says Mark Chen of his studio. It is where we’ve spent many long hours, where we meet our clients, and where we feel comfortable getting inspiration.”

What is your firm’s design identity?
At Artistroom, we are firm believers of space planning. We try to conceive our own understanding of our clients’ habits and requirements to produce functional designs, with ample storage in mind and layouts that allow for easy maintenance.

What makes your firm and its work unique?
As we grow and gain experience, we find ourselves designing around reasons; reasons that make sense to each homeowner. As we approach the reasons and input our experience, we develop different spaces each time we design a project. Thus, we realise that there is much more to what our eyes can see, and how things can make us feel. Our projects grow with our clients. We create a canvas, a good quality one, and they input their personality into it.

What is your best design advice?
Always have a store room, so that your house can be kept beautiful.


“Each project is sculpted differently based on the client’s habits, preferences, requirements, and personal aesthetics.”
– Mark Chen, Business Manager

artistroom logo / (65) 6557 0244 / / 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace 
#02-01A, Singapore 168976

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