Established: 2008


Mark Chen, Business Manager

Who we are:
From day one, we’ve believed that space planning is the most important aspect of interior design. We work with our clients and understand their needs well to sculpt the spaces of their dreams. We are a creative team that’s always on the lookout for new ways to build things.

Why we love our job:
We enjoy the process and progressing through the different stages with the client, from design conceptualisation to the completion of the renovation. We also love discovering different materials and the creative possibilities they offer.

How we work with clients:
To achieve a successful project outcome, we focus on timeliness, transparency and trust between both parties.

Changing patterns we’re seeing in residential design:
With the current pandemic, more homeowners want workspaces at home. However, they may find it difficult to distinguish between spaces for relaxing and for work. As designers, we carefully select materials, colours and do space planning to provide comfort and proper spatial segregation.

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