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Profile image: From left - Mark Chen, Director; Katy Chong, Director
Location: Artistroom’s studio. Artistroom has been in this building for close to eight years. What attracted them to this space was the sense of nostalgia (the studio is in a conservation building). “Our old school (NAFA) looked like that, before they renovated. So it brings back memories for us, which is why we chose this place. So if you ask us why we decided to shoot here, it’s because we feel most comfortable here,” explains Mark Chen.

Design philosophy:
Space planning, functionality and aesthetics are all essential ingredients to designing a great home.

We enjoy travelling to design trade fairs around the world. It’s where we gather inspiration and discover the latest trends. We particularly enjoy travelling to Australia. The designers there are quite talented and we like their tendency of exploring the application
of raw materials in an interior space.

The challenges of being an interior designer:
Spaces these days are so small, so as interior designers,
we really must think creatively to make the homes we design
both practical and comfortable, and with consideration to the lifestyle
and preferences of the client.

Passion for design:
As interior designers, we go beyond mere decoration to explore all the different facets of the user experience.
There are many little details that require a designer’s attention,
and we find that aspect of the job really interesting.

“We love what we do and cannot see ourselves doing anything else. Whenever we come across anything to do with space or materials for example, we find ourselves completely immersed in it.”
– Mark Chen and Katy Chong, Directors

help@artistroom.com.sg / (65) 6557 0244 / artistroom.com.sg / 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace 
#02-01A, Singapore 168976

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