A place called forever home

A couple so loved what Artistroom did with their first home that they engaged the interior design studio when they moved to a larger property.

  • A place called forever home

Home Type: 3-storey terrace house

Floor Area: 2,900sqft

Text by Janice Seow

The bond between an interior designer and a client can be a special thing, given that much time is spent together building a home that’s personal. Such was the case for one couple who, having engaged Artistroom for their first home (a two-bedroom condo), approached them again years later when they purchased a three-storey terrace house in Lorong Stangee to accommodate their expanded family.

scandi-boho landed home

With two young kids and a helper in tow, the couple were looking for place to set down deep roots, and where they could call home for many years to come. Both husband and wife have demanding jobs, so comfort and ease were important. They were also drawn to the relaxed and free-styling characteristics of the Scandi-boho aesthetic.

When it came to programming the functions, Artistroom shares that “the clients wanted to have an island, a big kitchen, a laundry space, a powder room for guests, and a separate yard bath. In the original layout, a store room was also lacking which had to be incorporated into the new plan.”

kitchen in landed home

The living-dining area is a bright and pristine space. Large-format, stone-look tiles are used across the ground level, creating a seamless flow from one zone to the next with a raised step being the only subtle separator.

Artistroom guided the couple in furniture selection where the pieces were curated based on proportion, material and overall aesthetic that’s in keeping with the desired Scandi-boho style. There is minimal built-in carpentry work, giving the family full flexibility with their space.

powder room

Major work was done to the formerly enclosed kitchen, which has since been converted into an open space and completely reconfigured to suit the family’s needs. “We inserted full-height cabinetry to house the fridge, dry goods, and portable kitchen appliances. An island in Calacatta marble was also built in the middle to anchor the space. Then there’s a ‘secret door’ which leads to the newly formed laundry room and storage area,” say the designers.

spacious master bedroom

There was a challenge to meet the request for two full-scale bathrooms on ground level, given the desire to limit major restructuring works, and to keep to budget. Nonetheless, the designers were able to carve out an elegant powder room for guests, and a separate shower for the helper to use.

walk-in wardrobe

Upstairs, the master bedroom is a calm, airy and restful space, and carries the same simple and no-fuss quality that’s seen on the first floor. The walk-in wardrobe, on the other hand, is a warm and intimate space that’s completely enveloped in woody surfaces. The large mirror panel cleverly hides the bathroom en suite, which once again morphs back into a light-filled sanctuary dominated by white textured tile surfaces. Such transitions create different moods and experiences for the owners within a single room, and make it special.

master toilet


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