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Family living calls for a total overhaul in this resale flat

Following plenty of restructuring to the layout, Artistroom conceptualised a home that embraces sleek furnishings and a variety of textures for a family of three.

Home Type: 5-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,200 sqft

Text by Rossara Jamil

Artistroom Bishen St resale flat dining

Home for this family of three is a space to indulge in their hobbies, get together with family and friends, and have guests stay over. When Artistroom took on this project, the team saw how the space could be enhanced to meet the couple’s brief. The designers placed a six-seater table in the dining area and installed a wall of storage solutions that also hides a mini storeroom. Warm grey tones, wood grains and black finishes come together to create a masculine yet cosy ambience in this resale flat.

Artistroom Bishen St resale flat living room

The living area adopts similarly clean lines. “The owners have different style preferences, with one preferring a luxurious and clean interior, and the other an eclectic look,” the designers explain. The introduction of blue as an accent colour shakes up the wood and grey combination. The design team also constructed a feature wall for the television so that the latter can be recessed mounted.

Artistroom Bishen St resale flat kitchen

The couple also wanted a functional kitchen, along with a yard area and a room for a helper if required in future. Restructuring the layout allowed the design team to carve out a service yard, as there wasn’t one when the couple purchased the resale flat. The designers say: “For the kitchen, we used steel-coloured laminates to blend the storage solutions with the appliances.” This is a kitchen for avid home cooks, with plenty of countertop space.

Artistroom Bishen St resale flat hallway

Having known the couple’s love for marble patterns, the designers proposed marble-looking homogeneous tiles. Not only are they more affordable, they are also easy to maintain. The large-format tiles can be seen in the living and dining areas. The walkway and the bedrooms, however, are decked out in vinyl flooring with dark woodgrains, which serves as a visual and mental transition to the sleeping quarters.

Artistroom Bishen St resale flat bathroom

By overhauling the master bathroom, the design team was able to plan out the area better. They created a shower stall and introduced a vanity with a large vessel sink. A mix of dark wood and light-coloured laminates are used here. The design team also installed glass mosaic tiles as a design feature. They then added a layer of epoxy on the mosaic wall for an even sheen and to protect the grouting. “Putting a layer of epoxy 
on the wall is more labour intensive in the beginning, but it will minimise the maintenance needed for the coming years,” the designers explain.

Artistroom Bishen St resale flat master suite

The couple made the decision to combine two bedrooms, which would accommodate a walk-in wardrobe, a seating area, a mini study as well as an entertainment area where they could listen to their favourite music. As a result, the kid’s room became smaller as the walk-in wardrobe in the master suite took up a portion of the bedroom. The spare bedroom is now a guest room. By restructuring the layout of this resale flat, the design team created generous living spaces with ample storage solutions by way of storage units and shelves in various parts of the flat.


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