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7 wardrobe design ideas to inspire your next home reno

We bring you seven wardrobe design ideas for every type of home and taste.

  • 7 wardrobe design ideas to inspire your next home reno

  • 7 wardrobe design ideas to inspire your next home reno

  • 7 wardrobe design ideas to inspire your next home reno

  • 7 wardrobe design ideas to inspire your next home reno

  • 7 wardrobe design ideas to inspire your next home reno

  • 7 wardrobe design ideas to inspire your next home reno

  • 7 wardrobe design ideas to inspire your next home reno

Text by Janice Seow

#1 The look of luxe


Type of home: 3-bedroom condominium unit
Floor area: 2,538sqft

Factoring the female homeowner’s penchant for mirrors, the designers from D’ Initial Concept have created a luxury boutique style wardrobe space complete with mirrored wardrobe doors, marble-look laminate surfaces, and an island display unit to showcase her collection of fashion accessories.

Design by D’ Initial Concept

#2 Wardrobe in an attic


Type of home: Semi-detached house
Floor area: 566sqft

The owners of this home wanted to move their master bedroom up to the attic, and wanted it to look just like a hotel suite. A tall order for some designers perhaps, but not for UPSTAIRS_, who were more than up to the challenge. The designers have managed to create a good size walk-in wardrobe next to the bathroom and stairwell. A row of full-height wardrobes takes up the length of the space and is complemented by a specially designed storage unit for handbags (not pictured). A neat looking bench (with a tabletop for displays, books or simply a cup of coffee) allows the owners to sit back and pick out their wardrobe for the day.

Design by UPSTAIRS_

#3 Peek-a-boo


Type of home: 4-room HDB flat
Floor area: 1,100sqft

In this HDB flat, the original master bedroom has been converted into a study and walk-in wardrobe. The two zones are divided by a frosted glass sliding door with a C-shaped opening that lets in more light and a view of the other side. The enclosed wardrobe design is broken up by an open clothing rack – great for putting out your clothing selection for the next day.

Design by Artistroom

#4 Completely see-through


Type of home: 2 1/2-storey terrace house
Floor area: 3,300sqft

In the master bedroom, clear glass panels are used to divide the sleeping area from the walk-in wardrobe. This makes the entire room feel larger and encourages more natural light into the enclosed wardrobe space. A modular pole system, in favour of solid cabinetry, further minimises visual bulk for a more streamlined, minimalist aesthetic.

Design by Design of Schatz


#5 Closet of wonders


Type of home: 3-bedroom condominium unit
Floor area: 1,650sqft

Like a wonder box, this full-height fixture comes packed with practical functions. For starters, it is the perfect privacy screen to shield away the sleeping quarters. Its swing-out larder-style units also perfectly accommodate the homeowner’s collection of fashion accessories. On the bed-facing side, it is clad in solid surface, so that it be used as a projection wall for home entertainment.

Design by UPSTAIRS_

#6 Victorian style for modern times


Type of home: 4-room HDB BTO flat
Floor area: 940sqft

The owners of this flat wanted a modern Victorian style home, and the designers from Neu Konceptz gave them just that. This pristine white walk-in wardrobe features classical detailing such as wall mouldings and gilded cabinet knobs. There’s also a sizeable island unit to house the husband’s substantial collection of watches and ties.

Design by Neu Konceptz

#7 Master bedroom turn wardrobe


Type of home: Bungalow
Floor area: 7,000sqft

The designers from Living Gaia have taken advantage of the generous space afforded by this sprawling bungalow to create a massive, luxe-looking walk-in wardrobe. Here, the master bedroom and guest room have been combined, but instead of converting the guest room into the walk-in wardrobe, they’ve gone and turned the larger master bedroom into the wardrobe space instead, with more than enough room for a large island display unit.

Design by Living Gaia

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