6 cool open-concept kitchen ideas for your home

The open-concept kitchen needs to be good-looking – after all, everyone’s going to see it! Here are six great designs to inspire your own home renovation project.

  • 6 cool open-concept kitchen ideas for your home

  • 6 cool open-concept kitchen ideas for your home

  • 6 cool open-concept kitchen ideas for your home

  • 6 cool open-concept kitchen ideas for your home

  • 6 cool open-concept kitchen ideas for your home

  • 6 cool open-concept kitchen ideas for your home

  • 6 cool open-concept kitchen ideas for your home

  • 6 cool open-concept kitchen ideas for your home

  • 6 cool open-concept kitchen ideas for your home

  • 6 cool open-concept kitchen ideas for your home

Text by Janice Seow

The kitchen is becoming the heart of the home. Even in modern compact apartments where space is a premium, it’s no longer just a functional space where meals are prepared; it’s now very much a gathering place to socialise and entertain. Today’s kitchen is a handsome space filled with all the comforts – and luxury – you desire. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

#1 Kitchen island cum wine bar

Open Concept Kitchen

The kitchen island is not just for prepping food or simply one more space to gather around. It can also hold storage and nifty appliances.

Case in point: this 5-room BTO flat by Free Space Intent doesn’t just boast a spacious open-plan layout that’s perfect for entertaining. The kitchen also features a generous island unit topped with an Iquartz counter surface, and with a wine fridge integrated into its side, making this the perfect spot for social evening gatherings. The light colour scheme is kept consistent throughout the common spaces, ensuring a seamless and consistent look.


#2 Kitchen as entertaining space


This open-plan, 3-bedroom apartment is designed by UPSTAIRS_ around the homeowners’ zest for entertaining and cooking. The open-concept kitchen features a handsome island wrapped in Carrara marble that’s paired beautifully with an elegant glass dining table and a cluster of Tom Dixon copper pendant lamps. Glass doors define the functional kitchen zone, maintaining the seamless, open aesthetic while keeping cooking fumes at bay.


#3 Flexible kitchen sliding solutions

Open_Concept_Kitchen Open_Concept_Kitchen_slidingdoor_Hawa

Now you see it, now you don’t. Hiding your kitchen work area and storage behind sliding doors is a great way to go when you have an open-concept design. It gives you the flexibility to show off what you have, or maintain a sleeker aesthetic, depending on the situation. It also makes your kitchen appear as part of your overall living space.


#4 Discreet cooking


Cooking fumes is often an issue in open-concept kitchens, which is why a good and powerful extractor is of utmost importance. Miele’s latest TwoInOne is a space-saving combi unit that’s high in performance, and convenient to use. Sitting on the 80cm-wide hob, the centred extractor is only recognisable by the grille; technical components allowing recirculation or vented extraction are discretely hidden in a kitchen cabinet below, making it particular ideal for open-concept kitchens. The Eco Motor used in the downdraught extractor is both powerful and quiet. As a DC motor, operation is particularly energy-efficient and operates in the booster setting with an air throughput of 570  m3 / h.


#5 Cool and smart appliances

LG Signature Refrigerator LG_Signature_Refrigerator

Good-looking kitchen appliances are essential in an open-concept kitchen – even better if they are super innovative like the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator. The company has taken its award-winning Door-in-Door design one step further here by adding an InstaView Door-in-Door features. With two knocks on the glass panel, the interior illuminates, allowing users to peer inside the refrigerator without having to open the door. Even more innovative is the Auto Open Door feature, which users can activate by sliding their foot under the smart sensor detector. So even with hands full, one can still easily access the compartments.


#6 An instagram-worthy countertop


The kitchen island is often the centre of attraction in an open-concept kitchen, so invest in a high-quality, attractive material surface. The look of natural stone is very much on trend. Get the same look with high-quality quartz surfaces from Caesarstone. Their 2018/2019 granite and marble inspired Supernatural Collection (Montblanc, Moorland Fog and Turbine Grey) carry the exquisite appearance of natural stone and feature intricate veins, bold colours and textures.


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