Established: 2019


From left: Aloysius Ng, Senior Creative; Qiu Chan, Interior Stylist; Denise Koh, Creative; Edward Seet, Founder; Minne Ang, Creative; Pang Min Hui, Senior Creative; Hwang Jie Wei, Creative; and Dion Bay, Interior Stylist. Location: Space Furniture

Who we are:
With a commitment to the purity of design, arche° transforms spaces into timeless sanctuaries. Our journey starts with a deep appreciation for the elegance of minimalism. We see beauty in simplicity, and believe that our surroundings hold the power to shape experiences, influence emotions and birth aspirations. We craft elevated spaces where homeowners can be their most authentic selves.

How we differentiate ourselves:
We pride ourselves on our commitment to produce original and distinctive designs. We embrace transparency in all aspects of our creative processes from start to end, ensuring that we deliver genuine, ethically crafted designs. Rather than follow short-lived trends, we focus on enduring principles and design.

Our creative process:
Every space has a story to tell, and our role is to reveal its essence. Our mindset fosters creativity and ideation. We see each space as a canvas for unique expression, approaching design as an art form to inspire emotions and connect with people.

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