AP Concept

Established: 2019

AP Concept

From left: Aaron Poh, Founder; Candice Wong, Interior Designer; Raymond Ho, Design Manager; and Samantha Ng, Senior Interior Designer

What we are known for:
We are a unique firm with a knowledgeable team of designers who are well-versed in different interior styles. With each and every project we undertake, we strive to deliver excellent workmanship and quality outcomes.

Best moments in our work:
We enjoy the entire process of building our client’s desired home, and to see the creative vision being brought to life. We are also proud to have received the Singapore Consumer’s Choice Award 2022 for SME Excellence.

How we work with clients:
We communicate as much detail as is necessary, every step of the way, so our clients know what’s happening throughout the entire renovation journey.

Key to a successful project outcome:
Detailed planning is key. If it is not in the plan, it should not be in the house.

Our plans for 2023:
We plan to introduce a new all-in-one suite service, from designing to constructing to styling.

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hello@apconcept.com.sg / (65) 8769 8330 / apconcept.com.sg / 10 Jalan Kilang, Bukit Merah Enterprise Centre #04-04, Singapore 159410

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