Space for one and all

Home to a couple with two kids, four parrots and a dog, this terrace house had to be bright and open – a goal achieved through space planning.

  • Space for one and all

Home Type: Terrace house

Floor Area: 2,500sqft

Text by Angela Low

Designed by AP Concept, this terrace house features a step-down living room, which helps to subtly demarcate the space. Coupled with a muted colour scheme and plenty of soft furnishings, it mimics the atmosphere of a cosy hideaway. The two sofas are also angled in an L-shaped configuration to help section off the area, while providing ample seats to accommodate additional guests.

Sunken living space

The moment you step through the front door, you’ll be greeted with a modern Catholic altar. For greater visual depth and texture, the designers opted for a neutral-coloured brick wall with a laminated frame to conceal the LED lights. Cantilevered shelves give the wall added dimension, while providing a place to display the family’s Catholic figurines.

Catholic altar

One of the things on the homeowners’ wish list was to have an entertainment room, which was built on the second floor of this terrace house. Here, a warmer colour scheme – from the cabinets clad in walnut laminates to the dark beige flooring – takes precedence. This space also connects to a balcony that serves as an outdoor lounge area.

Entertainment room

Initially a dark and drab space, the designers knocked down the wall between the walkway and the entertainment room. Now, the lounge is visible from the staircase and boasts a larger footprint. For visual continuity, the television feature wall is clad in the same material used for the bar cabinets. However, it’s arranged in a chevron pattern with rose gold trimming for a touch of luxe.

AP Concept

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