Total redo of a terrace house

Starting from a bare slate with massive alterations done to the existing structure, Baum Project overhauled this terrace house with contemporary and tailored features to create an airy family home.

  • Total redo of a terrace house

Home Type: 3-storey terrace house

Floor Area: 3,500sqft

Text by Airis Abdullah

Baum Project’s approach to the design of this terrace house was to start with the cleanest slate possible. Most of the structure except for the pillars was demolished, giving rise to the possibility of creating something different, new and personalised for the Singaporean couple and their three children. The result is an elegant and relaxing home with a new porch out front.

terrace house kitchen

The couple’s brief was to have a neat and contemporary space with a simple but on-trend design. To provide an orderly environment that would elevate everyday living, the designers have ensured that every element has its place. For instance, the stools for the island can be easily stowed away when not in use.

kitchen island

The dry kitchen is an exemplary example of minimalist design. A monolith island takes pride of place in this space, and its generous proportions and elegant form makes it a great spot from which to entertain or to gather as a family.

terrace house kitchen

Customised storage solutions flank the monolithic island, and feature integrated ovens to make cooking and entertaining a seamless affair. Baum Project proposed a minimal and sophisticated colour scheme to elevate the design, choosing dark grey in a matte finish for the cabinets. Here, the understated colour and rounded edges provide a subtle contrast against the island.

terrace house staircase

Baum Project also incorporated adequate lighting to ensure safety in a practical and stylish way. While keeping the stairs simple, wall lights along the way keep the space well lit. The choice of lighting stays consistent with the design concept. For instance, the discreet wall lights pair perfectly with the timeless staircase railing.

bedroom side table

Likewise, wall lights have been introduced into the bedroom, which frees up the tabletop space on the bedside table. Throughout this terrace house, the design concept has achieved the clients’ brief by avoiding complex details to support effortless day-to-day maintenance that young families would need. Executing a concept that aims for simplicity would require rigorous planning, which the designers have accomplished with aplomb.

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