Renewing an old, landed family home

See how AP Concept restored this decades-old landed family home with a modern kitchen facelift and other style updates.

  • Renewing an old, landed family home

Home Type: 2,630sqft

Floor Area: Terrace house

Text by Disa Tan

Plagued by deteriorating conditions like mould infestation and poor circulation, the owners of this three-storey terrace house sought the expertise of Raymond Ho, interior design manager from AP Concept, to turn things around. While parts of the landed home were still in good condition, Raymond recognised several areas needed a serious remodel.

landed home with high ceiling

The living room has been mostly left intact except for some cosmetic updates. Raymond says: “This space has a six-metre-tall ceiling and to really draw out that expanse, we overlaid the previously dark wallcovering with wallpaper of a brighter tone.” This striking contrast, which is further accentuated by tinted mirrors, now scales the vertical surface and creates a sense of lofty opulence.

round pendant lamps

A recommended addition by Raymond, this trio of large balloon pendants makes for an impressive lighting display in the living area.

The kitchen went through a complete overhaul as the homeowners, a married couple with two daughters, wanted an open cookspace with updated entertaining amenities. “We basically hacked away everything and started from scratch,” says Raymond.

white kitchen in landed house

New counters and cabinetry have been installed and the choice of light hues with marble-look quartz countertops elevates the space with modern elegance. It also amplifies the maximum amount of light and visual space, something that the homeowners wanted for their new kitchen.

white kitchen island in landed home

Another design detail that the homeowners were set on was a kitchen island. This all-white, marble-inspired quartz countertop surface now makes entertaining in this landed home an elegant affair. 

opulent dining area

To better establish the kitchen entrance from the other common areas, wallpaper in herringbone pattern now boldly frames the former.

pink girl's room

With the homeowners’ daughters all grown up, they wanted to update their individual childhood bedrooms to more mature styles. The oldest daughter’s bedroom is now dressed in soft feminine tones, and is outfitted with new cabinetry, a study desk and a glass-enclosed walk-in wardrobe.

OPSH wardrobe system

Inside her wardrobe, which comprises an open-pole system from OPSH, the eldest daughter’s dream of having a boutique-style dressing area comes true. “These open shelves also help to minimise the occurrence of mould in the bedroom, which was a problem before we stepped in to revamp the room,” says Raymond.

pink girls room

With a similar concept, the other daughter’s bedroom has pink curtains that cordon her wardrobe from the rest of the space. Raymond reveals that these custom curtains offer more privacy, and yet still allows her to have a boutique-style dressing area.

monochrome bathroom

The daughters’ bathrooms have been overhauled as well. In the eldest daughter’s en-suite bathroom, Raymond hacked away the existing tiles and replaced them with stone-look and elegant monochromatic designs.

white marble-look bathroom

In the bathroom belonging to the youngest daughter, the walls and flooring now sport new tiles. The mould issue has been resolved, and the marble-like details inject an air of luxury and lightness into the space. 

AP Concept

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