three-d conceptwerke

Established: 2006

three-d conceptwerke

From left: Terence Soh, Senior Design Consultant; Will Zhang, Senior Associate Designer; Lance Zheng, Senior Associate Designer; and Dess Chew, Principal Designer

Who we are:
We are a team of experienced designers that share a common passion for timeless and sustainable design. Our approach to interior design is intimate customisation – creating bespoke solutions that are tailored to a home’s structure, environment, and the persons living within it.

What drives us:
We want to create meaningful designs that push our limits. With every project that we choose to take on, we come away with the hope that we are leaving an imprint of our deeply personalised approach.

Best design advice:
To know and understand oneself before commissioning a project to a designer. It is easy to be swayed by design trends, but whether a style represents who you are or serves your needs is a different question. To curate a space that is truly your own, look inwards.

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