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three-d conceptwerke

Established: 2006

Three-D Conceptwerke

Profile image: From left - Peter Ng, Senior Design Consultant; Dess Chew, Principal Designer; Jack Loh, Senior Design Consultant; Terrence Soh, Senior Design Consultant
Location: The backyard of three-d conceptwerke’s showroom. “Nature is beautiful yet imperfect. Our surroundings grow continually as Mother Nature wishes and all we can do as humans is not to control, but embrace and adapt to its quirks and beauty. This applies to our design philosophy, which is to design spaces that adapt to, not challenge its surroundings,” says Dess Chew.

Design philosophy:
We focus on timelessness and sustainability in design.
This is only done with a true understanding of and communication with the environment and surroundings.

Passion for design:
We are very much into cultivating and honing our five senses; basically letting ourselves experience a space and its potential within our capabilities, to make it the most beautiful and well suited place for its inhabitants.

Greatest enjoyment as a designer:
What we love most about interior design is the endless possibilities to explore and experiment within a space. Like a standard block of clay, a house can be manipulated in several ways to fit one’s living needs.

“Designing a house is like creating a sculpture.”
– Dess Chew, Principal Designer

enquiries@three-d-conceptwerke.com / (65) 6293 8001 / (65) 6294 8001 /
www.three-d-conceptwerke.com / 24 Eng Hoon Street, 
Singapore 169774

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