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Relax at home: 10 reno ideas for feel good living

Make your home a place of pure bliss with these great reno ideas.

Text by Janice Seow

Top image: Design by Chark Private Limited

The home should ideally be your sanctuary – a space to relax and unwind. However, it can sometimes seem rather difficult to achieve, especially if you’re sharing a small space or have to contend with noise from others. Whatever your living situation, there are always smart (as well as simple) solutions you can consider. Here I’ve gathered just 10 to get you started!

#1 Recreate your most relaxed holiday experience

relax Haus Atelier

Want to escape the day to day humdrum? Then think about transforming your home into your favourite holiday destination. This charming corner terrace house is inspired by the South African savanna glamping experience. Elements such as dark-stained wood, rattan weaves and rich textures come together beautifully to achieve this. Design by Haus Atelier.

#2 Enjoy a blissful bath time


The bathroom’s a private space, so why not invest in one where you can truly relax and enjoy some ‘me time’? In this condo, the designers have taken advantage of the bathroom’s curved walls to create a sanctuary-like shower area, and further defined the soft curves with illumination from concealed lighting. Design by IN-EXPAT x UPSTAIRS_. See full feature here.

#3 Do you #WFH? Connect your work area to a garden

Relax Chark Private Limited

A great way to relax in between work is to take in some greenery. In this walk-up apartment, the area segueing the rear garden has been wisely turned into a workspace. It can also be converted into a guest room by simply pulling down the murphy bed (hidden in left wall) so guests can enjoy a view of nature, too. Design by ASOLIDPLAN.

#4 Get the laid-back, farmhouse vibe

relax Ethereall

Desire the laid-back vibe? Why not go for the farmhouse style with elements such as ceiling beams, rustic wood furnishings and brass accents. Keep it light and airy, like this condo home, with an open-plan layout and lots of pristine white surfaces. Design by Ethereall. See full feature here.

#5 Go for alternative, uplifting colours

relax Three-D Conceptwerke

Colours can affect one’s mood, so choose ones that make you feel good. Instead of standard neutrals, this BTO flat has gone for a rather more unusual palette. Beige cabinets that give off a hint of pink under the right light are complemented by complementary colour accents. Design by three-d conceptwerke.

relax D' Initial Concept

For a more luxurious look, consider a tasteful pairing of extravagant patterns and elegant, cheery colours. The trick though, is to find the right balance. Design by D’ Initial Concept.

#6 Relax in your balcony

relax Styledbypt

Space is a premium in Singapore, so don’t let your balcony become wasted space. Instead, turn it into a comfortable spot to relax and chill. If it’s big enough, it can become a well-furnished second living area for quiet contemplation, or to hang out with close ones. Design by Styledbypt.

#7 Dine close to nature

relax I.D.I.D

Another great way to maximise your balcony is to turn it into your dining area. This in turn gives you a roomier living space. Incorporate a vertical garden in said balcony and you’re all set for a relaxed, alfresco dining experience. Design by I.D.I.D. See full feature here.

#8 Keep it light and minimal

relax Chark Private Limited

An uncluttered space gives more breathing room and also declutters the mind. For a calming atmosphere, go for a light colour palette and keep rooms bright and airy. Invest in sufficient storage and opt for open spaces that you can open up or close off depending on need. We love the comfy seating alternatives in this Japanese inspired flat where a casual bean bag and hammock take the place of more formal seating. Design by Chark Private Limited. See full feature here.

#9 Nostalgia and reminders of family

relax Goy Architects

Nothing brings on a sense of comfort like some good old reminders of family. In this BTO flat, the wife liked the idea of archways as it reminded her of her grandmother’s house and ‘felt like home’. This curved feature was then worked into the unit as a key architectural element. Think about what comes to mind when you think about family and the ‘good old days’, and see if there are elements of these that you can incorporate into your home. Design by Goy Architects.

#10 Set a cosy mood

relax Joey Khu ID

It’s not just light and cheery colours that make you feel good. Dark, muted shades give off a comforting and cosy vibe, and are particularly great in bedrooms. So go for deep and enveloping shades of greys, browns and blues and see if that gives you a more restful experience. Layer your lighting, and don’t forget dimmers to help you transition more smoothly to a relaxed sleep mode. Design by Joey Khu ID. See full feature here.

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