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three-d conceptwerke makes home personal

No two people are the same, so why should their homes be? At three-d conceptwerke, the designers create highly individualistic homes that stand the test of time.

(From left) Jack Loh, Senior Design Consultant; Terrence Soh, Senior Design Consultant; Peter Ng, Senior Design Consultant; and Dess Chew, Principal Designer

Text by Janice Seow

Home is a deeply personal space. Encompassing much more than a style or a look, the very best ones focus on the individuals living in them, and have the ability to evolve with them over time.

This founding philosophy drives much of the work at interior design firm three-d conceptwerke, which was set up by Dess Chew, Peter Ng, Jack Loh and Terrence Soh in 2006. The industry veterans came together after many years in the business, driven by a shared passion to build homes that are timeless and sustainable, and centred around real people and their needs.

three-d conceptwerke
Ang Mo Kio project: With careful space planning, three-d concepwerke has turned the original living area in this flat into a spacious, light-filled artist studio for one of the owners, who is a painter.

“We decided to set up our own firm because we found that we brought complementary experiences and knowledge to the table, and were like-minded in our desire to make the client and the design the priority,” the founders of three-d conceptwerke explain.

three-d conceptwerke
Ang Mo Kio project: In a unique layout reversal, the designers created the open-concept kitchen the owners desired while closing off the common zones with glass sliding doors to minimise fumes.

“While we make it our business to be kept informed of the latest trends in design, we believe that priority should go to understanding our clients’ habits, lifestyles and personalities. We then build a space that’s tailor-made for them, and that will grow with them over time, becoming more beautiful and charming as it ages,” they continue.

three-d conceptwerke waterloo
Waterloo Street project: With custom furniture on wheels and the absence of internal fixed structures, this three-room flat is now a flexible, open-concept space with the ability to change its configuration depending on need or preference.

Having a good listening ear and asking the right questions are integral to understanding what the client truly needs and wants, say the designers, and it also comes with experience. “Only with experience can we advise our clients on the areas that are truly a priority,” they explain.

three-d conceptwerke waterloo
Waterloo Street project: The dining table is also a hobby and work desk. Having wheels means it can be moved around from right beside the windows to closer to the kitchen if the owners so choose.

Leading a team of 13 associate designers, the design heads conscientiously take turns to mentor every designer in their team, while fostering a culture of creativity, open communication and knowledge-sharing in the studio. At three-d conceptwerke, ideas are nurtured, and out of the box thinking is encouraged, which translates to a richer offering of fresh and innovative concepts for each and every client at the end of the day.

three-d conceptwerke waterloo
Waterloo Street project: Chosen for both practical and aesthetic purposes, the glass block partition provides privacy while preserving the light and airy atmosphere that this flat enjoys.

While every project at the firm is uniquely different, they all carry common threads that are grounded in the firm’s core beliefs. At the studio, the designers focus on crafting practical and timeless spaces with a long-term view of how their inhabitants will live in them both now and in the future.

three-d conceptwerke Fernvale
Fernvale Road project: The unconventional use of black epoxy paint treatment brings a reflective quality and a unique dimension to this black and white scheme bachelor apartment.

This approach of creating enduring designs also lends to the idea of sustainability, a fundamental concept that’s instilled in all their projects. “We want to create homes that are space efficient, and where homeowners can find long-lasting fulfilment,” say the firm’s founders. “Other ways we incorporate sustainable design into the home is to choose materials that are sustainable whenever we can, and to look for creative ways to breathe new life into old items through upcycling.”

three-d conceptwerke Fernvale
Fernvale Road project: Given that the owner is an avid reader, the designers have done away with a TV in favour of large shelves for books that add a personal stamp to the otherwise blank wall.

In an age of fleeting trends, three-d conceptwerke’s true appeal is that it gets down to the fundamentals of what a home should be about – the people living in them. The homes they create are not just beautiful, they are enduring and offer exciting new possibilities for living.

three-d conceptwerke

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