Design tricks to make your bedroom even more relaxing

Dream up your perfect bedroom with these clever ideas

Design tricks to make your bedroom even more relaxing

Let’s face it, we spend a third of our lives in bed (and therefore in our bedrooms) so why shouldn’t we create a dreamy space to call our own? So many people spend lots of their renovation budget on the outer areas of their homes like the living room and kitchen and when it comes to the bedroom, all that jazz seems to disappear. While we’re all about prioritising space and budgets, we believe that having a stylish bedroom to wake up to every day can change the way you feel in the morning. And while you might think it’s all too much work, these clever ideas will make your bedroom transformation easier than you can imagine. All it takes is a little forward planning and you’ll be ready to dream up the prefect bedroom that you can be proud of. By Deborah Jane Goon

Want more space? Keep the layout open

Interior design by Three-d Conceptwerke

Who doesn’t love an open concept bedroom? Instead of enclosing your en suite bathroom, we say open up the space and create a dreamy resort style space. Bathtubs shouldn’t just belong in swanky resorts and high-end condos. Give your space the royal treatment by combining these rooms to create one large suite. You can add a definitive style by creating a feature boundary wall in stunning patterned tiles or go bold as seen in this wood canopy. It’s a good idea to keep the floor colour similar in both spaces so the design language stays constant. Complete the look with privacy curtains that can be drawn to distinguish each space when required without closing in the space too much.

Plan for essential furniture, but don’t forget to pamper yourself

Interior design by Architology

With space being a premium in most homes these days, the delightful dressing table is a rare commodity that we think needs to make a come back. After all, ladies (and some men) do spend some time in front of the mirror dolling themselves up before they leave the house each day. So why not do it in style? If you’ve got the space, pamper yourself with your very own custom designed dresser complete with lighting for added drama and glamour. A custom designed one need not take up too much square footage and can be designed to maximize your storage needs as well. You can even use the dresser top as display or storage space for watches and jewellery if you plan this well.

Turn your bedroom into entertainment central

Interior design by The Orange Cube

Truth be told, there’s nothing better than a bedroom that is multi-functional and provides for your busy lifestyle, especially in a small space. If you’re a TV addict or simply need to keep an eye on the flat screen for business purposes, a pivoting TV that rotates to allow for viewing in all areas of your bedroom is a must-have. This way you can watch the news, follow the stock market reports or simply keep up with your favourite series on TV as you dress for work, wind down in bed or just chill out in the privacy of your bedroom.

Get as much sunlight as possible

Interior design by TOPOS Design Studio

Sometimes, all it takes to make a good room great is a constant stream of natural light. There’s something miraculous about light that seems to bring peace and calm into any space. The design of this simple bedroom is the perfect example. We love how the wardrobe space was designed in an L-shape configuration to maximise storage and ensure that the flow of light is not blocked. The bay window was also transformed into the perfect reading spot and complements the crisp, clutter free space perfectly. When you are designing your bedroom, try and ensure ample light can flow through by custom building cabinetry and furniture for that easy, breezy finish.

Make a statement by using strong patterns

Interior design by The Orange Cube

One of the easiest ways to make a statement in any room (and especially in the bedroom) is to use wallpaper. Depending on your style, choose a stunning pattern that you love and plaster this on the wall that either backs your bed or faces it so it becomes a focal point. Just remember that if the pattern you choose is a busy one, aim to dress your bed in sheets that are neutral or plain so you don’t complicate the look.

Show off your creativity with large-scale artwork

Seaside canvas print from LivingwithArt

If you’re looking for an easy update without breaking the bank however, adding one large piece of art to your bedroom wall is a sure fix. Choose something tranquil like a landscape piece or play with colours to suit the mood you desire. You could even complement this further by incorporating some accent soft furnishings to your windows or a bed throw or cushions with the same tones from the art for a perfectly coordinated look.


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