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15 amazing home office inspo to get you through the day

Whether you’ve got an entire room or a tiny corner, here are some incredible home office inspo that you can steal for your own.

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Telecommuting has it perks: an extra hour of shut-eye, increased flexibility and hopefully, improved productivity. But some days, it’s hard to keep going when your home office isn’t the most inspiring space. Whether you’ve got an entire room or a tiny corner, here are some incredible home office inspo that you can steal for your own.

#1 Bring the outdoors in
home office setup by atelier here

Being stuck at home, it’s only a matter of time till we start craving to go outdoors. There’s no need for desktop wallpaper when you’re blessed with verdant greenery like this apartment. With this setup, working from home is way better than working in the office cubicle with no views. Oh, and did I mention the clever use of bay window here? Design by atelier here.

#2 Embrace technicolour
home office setup in New Delhi penthouse by Architecture Discipline

Boring spaces never spark creativity. Inject a plethora of colours to your home office with furniture, wallpaper and books. The unconventional setup of an asymmetrical desk and chairs, backdropped by full-height shelving allow more than one person to work in this space. The addition of a standing mirrored vanity also comes in handy for touch-ups when there is a last-minute video conference. Design by Architecture Discipline. See full home feature here.

#3 Create a multipurpose space
home office setup by Tsai Design

Is this a media unit, storage or study desk? Well, it’s everything. It has to be when the owner of this Melbourne apartment only has 377sqft to play with. This space-saving feature conceals the television and home office behind cabinet doors. During the day, it’s a workspace and by night, it becomes an entertainment unit. Design by Tsai Design. See full home feature here.

#4 Think boho chic
boho chic home office setup by D' Initial Concept

Your home office should be a reflection of your free spirit. So decorate your space with art, objects and furnishings you’ve picked up on your travels. Here, the mid-century modern furniture and light fixtures along with the tribal print rug and vase inject an eclectic vibe to the space. Completing the look are a myriad of houseplants and the dark green curtains. Design by D’ Initial Concept. See full home feature here.

#5 Keep it hidden
enclosed home office setup by Bean Buro

Not everybody has an Instagrammable or Pinterest-worthy workspace. So a home office that opens or closes on demand – thanks to pocket doors – works great in an open-concept space/living room. Design by Bean Buro. See full home feature here.

#6 Use a pegboard wall
home office setup by D5 Studio Image

If you can’t be bothered with keeping your office supplies well organised (ain’t nobody got time for that) or prefer to have everything in view and at arm’s length, a pegboard wall is a great solution. Regardless of how you display your items, they’ll still look like a beautifully organised chaos and give the impression that you’re hard at work; in turn, motivate you to work harder. This setup is especially great for those who do a lot of craft work or simply don’t have enough floor space. Design by D5 Studio Image. See full home feature here.

#7 Keep it simple
home office setup by Madeleine Blanchfield

Less is really more in this home office. While the large, minimalist table and chairs take pride of place, the book-filled bookcase serve as functional wallpaper and inject come colour into this brightly lit room. With direct access to the balcony and natural light streaming through the window atop the bookcase, this home office bears a calm, uplifting quality that makes it a dream to work in. Design by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects.

#8 Clear the clutter
home office setup by AllyWong Interior Design

With a desk that has proper drawers, there’s no excuse not to keep your work surface free of clutter. To further reinforce this, this home office even has a pull-out tray to place snacks, beverages and whatever else one may need on hand. This is a great solution to avoid accidentally spilling coffee onto the computer or important documents. Design by Ally Wong Interior.

#9 Add shelves
home office setup by MONOCOT

Who says a home office needs a traditional desk. This space proves otherwise with adjustable panels that serve as a desk, replete with open storage overhead. The user can adjust the ‘desk’ to his preferred height unlike store-bought desk that has a fixed height. Design by MONOCOT.

#10 Go vintage
Royston Tan's home office setup by Free Space Intent

If you’re into the old school look, now is the time to put your hand-me-downs or vintage pieces to good use. The key is to curate your space so it doesn’t look like a jumble sale happening. Take a leaf from filmmaker Royston Tan’s inspiring home office. Design by Free Space Intent. See full home feature here.

#11 Create a work-lounge area
home office setup by Frederick Tang Architecture

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If you have the luxury of space, make your home office a comfortable cocoon that inspires productivity with a work corner and a lounge for you to take mini breaks, or to read documents. Here, an overhead lighting at the desk area and a mini fridge close by make working at home like working in the Google office. Design by Frederick Tang Architecture. Photography by Gieves Anderson.

#12 Add a ladder
home office setup by Ris Interior Design

Not any ladder, but a leaning ladder desk for a modern minimalist aesthetic. This renter-friendly solution does not require drilling into the wall and is ideal for small spaces. Even if you don’t have a designated room as a home office, the compact furniture is a stylish addition in any area of your home. Design by Ris Interior Design.

#13 Roll it away
home office setup by three-d conceptwerke 2

Nothing’s more flexible than a home office that can be moved from one room to the other. With the addition of castors on table legs, you can achieve the same result as this. Sick of working in the guest room? Wheel your work table to the living room then. The possibilities are endless. Design by three-d conceptwerke.

#14 Maximise a nook
home office inspo by Studio Ramain

This tiny studio apartment housed in an attic shows that no space is too small for a home office. An angled corner is put to good use with just a ledge and chair, redefining the meaning of a corner office. But the most impressive has got to be the large roof window that illuminates the space with plenty of natural light. Design by Batiik Studio.

#15 Embrace openness
home office setup by Pins Studio

It’s not always a bad idea to integrate your home office into the living room, especially when you live alone. Peace and quiet are definitely guaranteed. In this SOHO, a minimalist table that is of similar height as the sofa nests beautifully behind it. If you have space behind your sofa, this is a great solution to a home office. Or you could simply move the sofa several feet forward to create space. Just don’t reach for the TV remote during work hours and indulge in mindless Netflix bingeing. Design by Pins Studio.

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