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A monochromatic corner flat full of character

This 4-room HDB flat sports a black-and-white vintage look that beautifully captures the atmosphere of its location in a mature neighbourhood.

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,055sqft

Text by Disa Tan

For this corner unit, the designers wanted to play up its elongated layout. “The orientation for corner HDB flats is usually longer and we wanted to use that as an advantage,” says the design team from Three-D Conceptwerke. To place focus on this extended orientation, they used a 2.4-metre dining table as well as full-length shelves in black to draw the eye in towards the entire communal zone.

4-room monochrome HDB flat

With the kitchen, dining and living area sharing the same confines, it was necessary to introduce some visual demarcation. “To segregate each individual space in this open-concept space, colours are kept uniformed but patterns were introduced to complement them,” say the designers. Using different floorings, namely Peranakan-inspired cement tiles for the kitchen and wood-look tiles for the other areas serves up a distinct but non-distracting contrast.

4-room monochrome HDB flat

Once a common bedroom, this area has been turned into an open-concept living room. Its new location at the corner of the flat makes it a cosy and more private setting for the homeowners to unwind in. The designers add: “There is an existing overhead beam which is impossible to hack and we turned this bane into an opportunity to create an overarching frame.” The frame has been painted black and it outlines and segregates the living area from the rest of the zones.

4-room monochrome HDB flat

Breaking the black-and-white colour monotony is an elegant jewel tint of green in the master bedroom. The designers employed this green paint tone for the wall to create an opulent focal point and to usher more warmth into the sleeping quarters. “These small colour changes create a good break in the colour palette without losing the apartment’s identity,” say the designers.

4-room monochrome HDB flat

The dedication to black-and-white details continues in the bathroom where the faucet right down to the piping outline the white backdrop in black. The designers say: “Black is the dominant colour – like a marker dictating the flow and structure of the apartment.”

4-room monochrome HDB flat

At the heart of the home is the kitchen island where various activities like cooking and enjoying meals and coffee converge. While the height of this counter might appear balanced on the surface, there is actually a drop where the kitchen flooring begins and this works well for the different functions it serves. The difference in the flooring height creates a higher counter to maximise storage space in the kitchen zone. The dining extension of the counter is lower to ensure a comfortable sitting height.

4-room monochrome HDB flat

Three-D Conceptwerke

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