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A New Identity

Three-D Conceptwerke jazzes up the old with a sense of modernity, in this house at West Coast Road.

It all began with some existing pieces that the homeowners had brought over from their previous home. Old coffeeshop marble table and wooden chairs as well as a Peranakan signboard bearing the homeowners’ family surname in Chinese characters. To keep the heritage alive, the homeowners wanted these to be a central part of the design.

Given that the house is a new development, design outfit Three-D Conceptwerke saw no need in tearing down most of what exists. While the design team mostly kept to the original layout of the house, the team ventured into little details to create a cohesive design throughout the house – one that takes its cue from old Oriental design elements revived for this decade. A cool palette of blue and green has been blended into spaces where wood grains dominate.


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